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  1. Hello Happy Holidays to all,

    The company where my husband work gave us a iPod touch ( wives and hubands); I think it is a good device for nursing use besides calculator :spin:

    Therefore my question is for all NICU nurses, do you know of sites with CE Podcast, softaware, nursing conferences Podcast etc.

    Currently I work in a Regional hospital with 40 so NICU beds and transport team, any help regarding what to download on this new device will be appreciate.

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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Have you gone to itunes and looked at the podcasts available?

    I see that the Cleveland clinic does podcasts.


    A lot of these are intended for MDs, but it's just an example of what you can find. I also typed in 'nursing' in the search function and got 150 results.
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  4. by   Dunedinx
    Hey there! I know this post is very old and I am sure that you have already figured it out, but maybe you haven't. I just got an ipod touch for my birthday and I am in nursing school. I found a site that sells all kinds of medical software for ipod touch. Here it it...