I got an extern job in the NICU! I got an extern job in the NICU! - pg.2 | allnurses

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I got an extern job in the NICU! - page 2

Hi everyone! I just found out that this summer I will be a nurse extern in a level III NICU at an amazing hospital that I hope to spend my career in! :yeah:During my interview I told them how much... Read More

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    If you haven't aleady take NRP. Congratulations! Even if you don't get hired right away, you will have great experience for your resume and the chance to network with NICU people .
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    I told the interviewers that all through school I LOVED ICU... I was all about it. But when I got to neonatal ICU something just clicked and I knew NICU was for me
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    @Pfalls -

    I applied to a nurse extern program and specifically applied for a position within pediatric intensive care. I applied last fall, interviewed this Spring and just got word that I was accepted. The information about their extern program was on the hospital website.
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    GreenKji -

    Thank you! No I have not taken NRP. I plan to do that before I graduate! I am very excited for this opportunity... even if they don't hire me when I graduate this is still a step in the right direction