How important are these 3 issues in your NICU?

  1. Every NICU faces challenges. It just comes with the territory. After doing some research I feel like the following three challenges are pretty universal. Can anyone tell me how important these three issues are in your NICU? What solutions has your unit found to address them?

    Medication Errors
    Infection Control
    Tubing Misconnections

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  3. by   NICU_babyRN
    Med Errors:
    high risk meds and all drips, TPN, lipids, heparin, insulin...and so on all require a double signature for charting. We have electronic charting. We also have a NICU med reference link so we can easily check compatibility, correct dose/kilo and so on...
    Tubing misconnections: We have a "PO" only enteral feeding system so if it does for some odd and strange reason get hooked up to an IV, all the formula or breast milk leaks out as it "infuses".
    Infection control remains an issue in our unit and we have new initiative coming including the used of closed blood draw systems for UAC, 24hr medlines that should not be opened...but this is probably our biggest problem.