High CRP in my newborn

  1. Hello, My baby girl was born 3 days ago. I spiked a temperature right after I was given the epidural and the babies heart beat was also elevated. I was out of it during the process and probably did not ask the questions I should have but I was in labor. The nurse was concerned but seemed like she didnt know what to do. She just kept saying she was waiting on the dr that was tied up in another delivery. Finally, the nurses had me start pushing because I dilated so fast. By the time the dr came in I was already half way through pushing. After 2 hours of pushing my baby was born. They had NICU nurses there to help the baby and rushed the baby to the NICU where she was placed on oxygen for a few hours. Then they began treating her with antibiotics. The following day I was told she had a CRP of 6 which indicated infection. None of her cultures have grown out. She has had a spinal tap and a brain ultrasound and everything has come back good. Should I be concerned? They think she will be in the NICU another few days. I'm starting to get frustrated and upset because I talk to so many different nurses and doctors. I know everyone is doing their jobs but I feel like I need some reassurance. Just wondering everyone else's opinions. Thanks'
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Per AN's [Terms Of Service we can not offer specific medical/nursing advise regarding your situation.

    NICU nurses may offer advice regarding what questions to ask and provide emotional support during this sensative time.
    Best wishes offered for you and your daughter.