Hemodialysis in the NICU - page 2

Hey everyone, I work in a Level IV NICU and we've run into an issue that's all uncharted waters for us. We have a 2 month old patient who was born with nonfunctional hypoplastic kidneys. We tried... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    Is this a Potters Syndrome baby who you are waiting to grow a bit in order to transplant? If this is, unfortunately the prognosis is not good once PD (peritoneal dialysis) isn't an option
  2. by   BrandNewBabyNurse
    The diagnosis just after birth was originally thought to be Potters, but that was later deemed incorrect. It is now diagnosed as renal tubular dysgenesis, which to my understanding is a component of Potters, but this baby doesn't meet all of the criteria for the full syndromic diagnosis. It went entirely undetected prenatally until the time of birth. She actually has decent lung function, which is pretty remarkable considering her grossly poor kidney function and mom's very low levels of amniotic fluid.
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