Good to see you back Steve!! Good to see you back Steve!! | allnurses

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Good to see you back Steve!!

  1. 1 How are things going!
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    Hey all!

    Yeah! It's been a long time since I've been around AllNurses, and it looks like a lot has changed! Life is good, reached the 8 year mark as a NICU RN with now 3 years of them as an NNP...seems like I just graduated yesterday! I'll be around here a bit more, as I not only work a FT job at my same Level IIIc unit mainly working in the NeoCardiac ICU section of our unit, but also as a per diem NNP at a local community IIIa unit doing moonight shifts. This means I'll have more time to post while babysitting 15 feeder/growers ;P
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    While you're babysitting, don't forget Prmenrs's Rule: Never trust a 35 wkr! <3 <3