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Hello... I think a mixture of the winter blahs, our census being very high, and about a quarter of our staff being out sick I am heading towards burn out. We have a baby who has been tortured by... Read More

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    I kind of feel like if I ever get to the point that I don't care, I need a new profession. I have also been to funerals. It is my way of closure. I do try to leave most of it at work, and I have gotten better at it. I called in sick for two weeks last month. It just made me want to stay out longer. I am really looking forward to the time change, maybe it will help us all.

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    Quote from preemieRNkate
    Just wanted to send some support and hugs to you! :icon_hug:

    Sometimes when things get bad up by me, it helps me to go through the pictures and cards that families send us. Something about reading the thanks and praise and seeing pictures of happy, healthy babies reminds me why I do this.
    Thank you all for your suggestions. I did start writing a blog as an attempt to journal, it really does help to see your thoughts as concrete words. It seems like when you see your thoughts as words you can deal with them more methodically (not sure this is the right word).

    In my mailbox Monday was a card from a family who had 24 week twins. The front of the card is a collage of pictures of the surviving baby who went home last month. Inside the card was a genuine and beautiful thank you from the parents, with a promise that their baby would hear all about me one day. On the back, where it would say Hallmark it had a picture of the baby and said "Thank you WeeBabyRN, I love you, Love, L." This card made me realize that what we do really matters, just me doing my job and CARING made a positive impact on this family.

    I feel like I am climbing out of my hole. I am looking forward to the time change.
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    I am glad to hear that things are getting a little better - keep taking care of yourself!

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