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    Hi I'm a 22y/o nonexperienced CNA (just got my certification endorsed) moving from out of state to attend nursing school then settle down in the Maryland area. Ultimately I want to get into pediatrics, preferably the NICU.

    I am looking at starting my educational route that will get me there. I started my prerequisites at the University of the Virgin Islands then took 2years off to be a flight attendant. Now, more than ever I know what I want to pursue. I'm looking for schools and wondering if I should take my time and go the ADN route through Community College of Baltimore County CCBC, work a year then do an RN-BSN at Towson or University of Maryland or just transfer straight into a BSN program.

    The answer may seem obvious to just transfer but I'm concerned for my GPA which is a sorry 2.8 due to switching from pre-med, failing trigonometry and then switching degree to nursing.

    All advice appreciated.

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    Try posting this in the pre-nursing forum. Very little (if anything) of the NICU is taught in nursing school and we're not the best ones to answer your questions. Best of luck.
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    You are best off getting your BSN. Many bigger hospitals that have NICU's are starting to be BSN preferred.
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    Thanks for the response

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