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  1. Hi I'm a 22y/o nonexperienced CNA (just got my certification endorsed) moving from out of state to attend nursing school then settle down in the Maryland area. Ultimately I want to get into pediatrics, preferably the NICU.

    I am looking at starting my educational route that will get me there. I started my prerequisites at the University of the Virgin Islands then took 2years off to be a flight attendant. Now, more than ever I know what I want to pursue. I'm looking for schools and wondering if I should take my time and go the ADN route through Community College of Baltimore County CCBC, work a year then do an RN-BSN at Towson or University of Maryland or just transfer straight into a BSN program.

    The answer may seem obvious to just transfer but I'm concerned for my GPA which is a sorry 2.8 due to switching from pre-med, failing trigonometry and then switching degree to nursing.

    All advice appreciated.
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  3. by   babyNP.
    Try posting this in the pre-nursing forum. Very little (if anything) of the NICU is taught in nursing school and we're not the best ones to answer your questions. Best of luck.
  4. by   NicuGal
    You are best off getting your BSN. Many bigger hospitals that have NICU's are starting to be BSN preferred.
  5. by   secquoria
    Thanks for the response