Favorite Work-Related Web Sites

  1. i was surfing tonight and found a new web site that i am enjoying. thought i'd share it with you all. i really enjoy learning as much as i can about caring for the little ones... reviewing information and keeping up with new research and ways of doing things...

    if you know of some "nicu related" web sites, i'd love for you to share them here. thanks! :kiss

    florida society of neonatologists

    my favorite links on this site are:
    (1) "neonotes journal club"
    (2) "neonatology teaching files"

    this web site is geared for the neonatologists but welcomes all nicu healthcare personnel.

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  3. by   dawngloves
    Here are some I like:

    Great pictures from the "olden days"

    Good basic info

    Vent info

    For parents and caregivers

    I have a ton, but these are the best.