Dreaming to become a NICU nurse

  1. 0 Hi there NICU nurses!
    This is my first time to join your forum.
    I'm a foreign nurse wanting to work in US as a NICU nurse. I've been a NICU nurse for 3 years but I can tell that it's very different from what it is in the US. My friends who work abroad said that what we have here is way far behind what is being used in other countries.
    Any advise on how I can better prepare myself while I'm waiting for my papers? Would really appreciate your input.
    From college, I'm very sure that all I wanted to be is become a NICU nurse - a competent, efficient, caring one.
    Hope to hear from you!
    :wink2: :blushkiss
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    Well, if you have any neonatal experience that's a great start! And being a seasoned nurse at all still gives you a leg up.

    What is your job description now? What kind of babies do you care for?

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