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Hi there! premenrs asked me to post this on the board for you all! Here's the message she sent with the picture:... Read More

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    {I had a triplet mom tell me the other day when she brought the second baby home, she put them in the same crib and they immediately curled up together}

    Thats so true, as soon a I brought my twins home they always moved their tiny heads together. They were so cute! Well they still are. Too bad they were not allowed to be in the same bed warmers (i dont know what they are called):imbar
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    I would send a picture of them but I dont have a scanner. Maybe Ill have my friend do it for me.
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    It's not only with twins! We did a family bed thing when the kids where little (I needed the sleep and they didn't sleep!) When they got a little older I would often find the younger one had crawled into bed with the older one and the older one ALWAYS had the younger one cradled in his/her arms. It was really neat to see. Sometimes it was like a message from God that the really did love each other.