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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently working in a Level III NICU (teaching hospital) in the midwest, where I have been since 2005. I was a Unit Secretary, then an aide, and have now been working as a RN for the past 1.5 years. I am moving to Boston at the beginning of 2012 and would love any insight or advice on how to get an interview in a NICU at any of the great hospitals Boston has to offer! I have heard it is extremely competitive! I currently have my ADN and have just started my online ADN-BSN which I will finish at the end of '12. NICU is where my heart is but am willing to explore many other pediatric specialties! I really appreciate any advice! Happy November!
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    I don't mean to sound insensitive...but good luck. I am from Boston and moved the heck out of there as a new grad to even get a job. I did land in a NICU by some grace of god but it was not in Massachusetts. Every so often I check out the careers listings in the Boston hospitals just to see what might be available and it's usually not much. You have the advantage of being experienced, unfortunately you don't have your BSN yet which is what many of those hospitals are looking for. They are also very internally competitive giving most of their jobs to people already in their systems rather than hiring from the outside. You should definitely research the hospitals and be willing to look into some of the smaller hospitals that might have level II NICU's to start with as those hospitals are often affiliated with the bigger ones and you can get your "in" that way.

    Good luck!