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  1. First off I am not a nurse, just a concerned father who just happen to stumble across this site while doing some research, which can be tricky on the internet, and I thought I would ask for some professional opinions on a tough situation my wife and I went through this week. I'm not sure if this is against protocol here and if so I apologize but my wife gave birth to our first child on Sunday morning at 7:05 am, at 38 weeks and 4 days, we were discharged Monday after noon at 12:30 with the last bilirubin draw done around 7:00 with a value around 6. We noticed a yellowish color on Tuesday afternoon, but her appetite was very good and our little girl was pooping up a storm all day and very active, but we called the pediatricians office and they said just keep your appointment for Wednesday morning. So the doctor agreed on Wednesday that she looked a little jaundice so he was going to send her for some blood work, but he thought maybe we would need to get a home blanket at the worst. A few hours later my wife was feeding our little one who was wide awake and we got a call saying the bilirubun was 26 and we needed to get to the pediatric ICU immediately, we were admitted there and phototherapy, biliblanket, and IV fluids were started, a repeat lab was done and the bili came back at 28. She was then admitted to the NICU and one blood exchange was done, twelve hours later her bili was down to 10, and saturday morning it was 4. Every test they could run for an explanation came back negative. Blood compatibility, direct bili, liver function, infection, they said three days was too early for breast milk, they ran a series of blood tests before the exchange to look for some rare type of blood disorders I guess, and the pathologist said the hemolysis of blood cells looked good. He wants to check her in the 3 months to test her blood again, but they have been left scratching their heads. All reflexes are good, there has been no signs of any difference in her behavior, and they are very hopeful and optimistic for her long term, but did say only time will tell to see if she develops when she should. The plan is for discharge for tomorrow, which will be close to 48 hours of no lights or blankets, as long as bili comes back ok. My question is have you seen any cases like this in the past and if so what were the outcomes and diagnoses. Thanks in advance. I cant tell you how happy we have been with the care we have received from all the wonderful nurses and doctors in the NICU, you guys rock!!
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    Sorry for spelling bilirubin wrong in the title
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    You sound like a wonderful and concerned daddy. Unfortunately, according to our terms of service on this site, we can't provide any medical advice or prognosis. These are great questions to ask the doctors and nurses at your hospital, and if at any time you feel it is necessary, feel free to seek a second opinion. Best of luck to you and your family!