Anyone know of website with nicu-appropriate printed scrub tops?

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    Does anyone know of a website that has printed tops with newborns, birth weights, storks, baby disney etc. on them? I work in nicu so anything baby-related would work & I won't look like I'm a walking 2 year old...unless I go to the grocery after work... Any suggestions would help. Thanks:roll
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    I make my scrub tops but have seen some cute ones in the life store. hope this helps. they do have a web site but can't think of it off the top of my head. do a search for scrubs. hope this helped
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    that's so impressive that you make your own scrubs. Do you have a certain pattern you use and if so, how hard/easy is it to do? Thanks, Steph
  6. 0 has awsome scrub tops for NICU! They have a ton of stuff with little hands and feet.
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    I went to, and they do have cute stuff! I love the little footprint lanyard for holding my name badge...I might have to order it. I like the scrubs, too. Thank you!
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    I was suprised to read this thread and see that nurses get to wear their own scrubs to a nicu. The couple hospital nicus I have been in provide srubs for nicu nurses so that we always have clean scrubs available and don't bring in germs outside the unit. I this unusual?
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    It seems to be half and half.

    I worked as a CNA at a children's hospital and everyone wore their own scrubs. However, since there was no L&D there and babies were transported from outside hopsitals, it wasn't considered to be a "clean" unit.

    Where I work now we are provided with scrubs. Makes it much easier to run into to a crash c-section! We wear white lab coats when leaving the unit, and can wear our own cute scrub jackets for warmth while on the unit - though we have to take them off for patient care. If we go out on a transport, we must change into our own scrubs and then change back into hospital scrubs when we return from the transport.

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    We wear our own scrubs in the NICU. Our hospital recently had a complete overhaul of the dress code (something about how the patients couldn't tell who their nurses were - duh? ) - Anyway, to my knowledge, the only departments that have scrubs provided for them are L&D, OR, and Cardiac Cath labs.
    I too have wondered about the wisdom of bringing in our own "critters" on personal scrubs. We always provide a barrier when holding an infant (clean blanket or clean isolation gown), but still.....
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    Some of their prints are great for NICU - tiny hands, tiny feet, antique rattles, etc. Plus some of them are made in FLANNEL and it's so cozy!!!

    BUT beware of two things when ordering:

    1. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your stuff because they sew each order as it's recieved.

    2. The scrubs are HUGE!!! The site warns you about this and even gives measurements but I still ended up with a huge scrub coat! Order 1-2 sizes smaller than usual, and if you are short, spend $5 to get the petite length. I had to send mine back and get it taken in and shortened because it went down to my knees. BUT they were very understanding about the situation.