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  1. Looking to get started at any hospital in NYC. I'm almost done with my accelerated BSN program and will be sitting for my boards soon after. I'm pretty flexible as to where to start and the type of hours I will have to work. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated about where to look, how to sell myself and what to avoid. Does being a male and 30 help?

    thank you!

    p.s. - anyone currently working at Bronx Lebanon, if so how's it going and is it a good place to start?
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  3. by   ExpatHopeful
    I suggest you do a search for old threads on the board for job tips and specific NYC hospitals. There is a lot of information on those old threads.

    It is still a very competitive job market at the moment in NYC. Are there any hospitals you have a connection at through a friend/instructor/clinical placement? I would put those places at the top of your list. If not, try to build a few connections in your last months of school or find an internship.

    Did you attend nursing school in NYC? If so, surely you have some ideas from your clinical placements about where you would like to apply. If not, at least give us a sense of what area you want to go into so we can help you - peds?psych?med-surg?

    Being male and 30 sure doesn't hurt.
  4. by   HIPAA
    Unless you have some "in" at Bronx Lebanon, I would just keep my eyes open for all hospitals. If you live in the Bronx, you may also want to consider a few Westchester or CT hospitals.

    Age will probably give you a bump, but gender isn't going to matter really.