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Where to take ACLS in NY

  1. 0 Hi, do you know where else to take ACLS besides health force solutions?
    any others in queens, manhattan & LI area?
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    Learn ACLS Training Center - it offers BCLS, ACLS, and many more classes and is located in NY, NY (Re-cert is $170 and Original Cert is $285)

    Here is an online course which is by the NY Medical Board. New York (New York City, NYC) ACLS Certification, Recertification & Renewal - Online Course & At Home Class for NY Medical Professionals

    and here is one that does ACLS & PALS ACLS PALS Classes
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    When I still lived in NY (moved to NC last summer) I did this ACLS course on-line: it was great! Do everything you can in advance (I've been ACLS-certified since 1982) to be prepared for it, you'll be a step ahead. I was also able to use my education money from work, so it didn't cost me a dime, look into that if your employer provides such a benefit. Good luck!
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    The BEST ACLS class I have ever taken was with Michele Kunz and Christine Molinari. They run it out of Christine's home which is in West Islip, NY. They also offer PALS if you need that, and they will usually tack on BLS at the end of their ACLS classes if you need it.

    To get the class times/locations, you have to email Christine: clmrn80@aol.com

    Here is Michele's website: http://www.michelekunz.com
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    Need CURRENT info on where to take the ACLS class in NYC PLEASE.......no online courses.
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    akinini, do you work anywhere in proximity to a medical center/healthcare facility? Usually the staff continuing ed. dept. has listings of ACLS classes which may be offered in the facility. Also, if you go onto the American Heart Association web-site, click on the CPR link, then "find a class"; you put in your zip code, then a radius in miles from your zip code. Click submit, & the next page will have a drop-down menu for type of class, ie. ACLS, etc. Click on that, & a list of classes will appear, with contact information. As an instructor, I use this site frequently. Good luck!
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