what is the nurse/patient ratio in NY?

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    I'm a detox RN. I've been searching for info but not sure where to find it. My unit has 30 beds and it's connected to a rehab with 23 beds. They're usually full.
    During daytime there is an RN, an LPN, and a CNA in detox. At night, there is only one RN in detox, and a CNA that works back and forth between detox and rehab. This is all during a "normal" day/night. But too often times during the day there is only one nurse, and a CNA running between the two units. At night, often there is only the RN in detox, and no CNA at all.
    Both units offer no protection for the nurses in their units. These patients are often psychiatric patients, or coming from jail. They can very easily walk in the nurses areas.
    Director says we have security downstairs that can be called anytime during an emergency. However, I've already seen them in "action." Even with a panic button, they would take about 15-30 min to get to the unit. Not much security provided there, plus what can one security guard do if the situation involves many patients.

    Does anybody know where can I find info about patient ratios? Does anybody know where could I complaint or just find guidance. It seems that many things this clinic does are illegal, but then...who can confirm this? a lawyer?
    Please help!!!!
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  3. by   subee
    We don't have defined ratios in New York.