What are the highest paying facilities hiring CNAs in Suffolk County NY?(Long Island)

  1. I work at LISVH in Stony Brook, it pays $14.37 an hour, but Ive read here some places pay $16-$18 or even up to $20 per hour. If ANYONE knows of any such places, can you please share the name? PLEASE!

    Also, I've been considering working in the private duty home care area because the work load is ridiculous for anything less than $16-18 dollars an hour. I love what I do, but its got to be the most under-appreciated job on the planet pay scale wise. What agencies in Suffolk County pay the most? Some people tell me to do it independently but where would I find clients? I know Craigs List lists people looking for elder care... is there any where else to look or post an ad? Thanks!
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    Be careful with free lance work; make sure you have good malpractice insurance; also, no benefits (health insurance- that you never know when you're going to need, tuition reimbursement, etc).

    Also, if you "find" someone on any internet/classified ad, take someone with you for the interview. Too many weirdos out there
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    Malpractice Insurance!:uhoh21: Didnt think of that... oh boy. As far as benefits, I dont need them as my husband has good benefits. Thanks for the heads up on the wierdos. ugh.