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Hello, Im Arianna, Im not sure if anyone has posted about Wilson Tech before and i apologize if soemone has and i couldnt find it. Has anyone attented the accelerated day program? I just got... Read More

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    my first day is march 10th, and my orientation is February 23th at 10am.
    i have a question..if i need like some help with topics,like a&p, is there someone at the school that can help me?

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    On Wed. there is after school time with Dr. R
    There is also students that will tutor. for free if we have time around our studying.
    I tutor some students now in Pharm & fund.

    My class will be in school both days
    I will see you there
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    Oh yeah! I forgot about that LOL! Great advice! I had that summer assignment too...left it until the last minute... BIG MIStAKE!
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    I will be going to my interview on the 21st where I will have to write an essay. Do you know that the essay is supposed to be about. I am so nervous I am going to mess this up. Thanks for your help.
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    hello I'm actually going through wayne fingerlakes boced but I still have my interview to do and I am indeed nervous. What should I expect? Please help
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    hey Guys,
    What is the entrance exam like? Is it basic math and english? Thanks...I will be applying for march also...I am applying to as much school as possible. Thanks again.

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