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Anyone have any infoon how their new nurse orientation is? Or any info at all about the hospital? Thanks... Read More

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    I also was there on the 5th and saw the bunch of guys there- wonder if you were one of the girls I was talking to lol

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    Hey I'm starting January 14th also with the rest of you I was also there the 5th. I'm working in 7 South, medical oncology and I'm so excited! Can't wait to meet all of you...although I'll have to figure out all your names in real life haha
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    I was wondering that myself 987! What I don't get is if <32 hours is considered part time how can i possibly get more than that? Am i missing something? how can I get OT or hours over 32 without being considered full time. I thought it was illegal in our state at least.
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    Well probably cause you are hired to work for less than 32 hours. If you work overtime or whatever that's your choice, we don't really have a mandatory overtime law. So even if you work 40 hours you were only hired for less than full time. I think that's the difference.
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    Sorry double post
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    really? i was under the impression you could only work OT if you were a full time employee. I want to hear what 987! thinks about this also. If so, that is great. We may work anywhere from 3-8 shifts per 2 weeks so its a huge difference in salary... The more work I get the better so I'm not planning on shying away from extra hours lol
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    I dont think its OT until we work over 40 or 37.5 hours. I'm figuring just because we're part time doesnt mean we can't work extra hours. The hospital may not allow us to get time and a half. Maybe there is a cap with the amount of hours we can work before we have to be offered a fulltime position ? Anyway I just hope we can get some extra hours. Does this make any sense lol. 987,I wonder too..hmm
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    Quote from 987!
    I will be starting my orientation also on the 14th. I got offered a part time med-surg position. The hourly rate is 33.14 an hour, and yes like was said before, all training is full time the first months which is awesome. When I interviewed the med-surg manager told me if they offer me a part time position to take it because there is plenty of overtime to get me a full time salary if I need the extra hours. I am SOO excited to start!
    That is good to know
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    Has anyone had their HR appointment? If so how what happened? How was the process?
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    They told me when they hired me. I gotta go next week and bring all my letters, degree, licenses, etc etc. Doing my physical etc next week also. It's all on same day. They should have told you by now. Shoot them and email and see whats up

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