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Just want to say "Hello" from one New York nurse to another! Ted... Read More

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    Anyone know how much experience you have to have in order to get a per diem job? I am a new grad starting in a hospital next week but I have a lot of loans to pay....

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    Good day everyone! i'm so glad there is such a network community for nurses! i've got my license jul/2009 and i'm in process of placing resumes and just waiting for some interviews! wish me luck everyone!
    "They asked me why didnt i go to medical school instead of nursing? i replied " I prefer a more challenging job!" lol
    I love nursing!
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    im here im here!!! LI LPN yay!!!
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    Hello all, new grad from Rochester here! Anxiously awaiting my NCLEX results, heres praying that in two days I can officially call myself an RN :-o
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    just passed my NCLEX PN 2 weeks ago hello fellow nurses!!!
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    Congratulations sleepysnr!!!! Good luck in finding a job!!!
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    I did it! Yeah! I passed the NCLEX-RN for NY last week!!! Thank you Lord!

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