Wagner Fall 2013 ABSN

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    I just submitted my application, anyone else looking into this program? Wondering how much they weigh TEAS scores vs. GPA vs. experience?
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    hey ebinbrooklyn,

    did you take the TEAS? im confused.. it says to take it after clearance from the admissions office
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    Yes--I already took it since I am applying to several other schools. I'm not sure how they handle that, but I'm guessing they'll ask y ou to take it if you haven't already.
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    hey i contacted wagner and they told me that we take the TEAS after being conditionally accepted. They will call possible acceptances in to interview beginning of april
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    Just got an email to schedule an interview and invitation to take the TEAS (already done, happy with results and NOT doing that again ) - anyone else hear back?
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    yes! i was contacted as well and I have to take the TEAS and already called to schedule an interview
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    I was also contacted for interview. I was told I could take the TEAS after the interview, August by the latest.
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    Rach, im taking the TEAS on Monday, and have the interview on Tuesday. So nervous!
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    Anyone have their interview yet and want to comment? How did it go?
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    i was supposed to take the TEAS and interview last week but I cancelled. I got into my first choice school so I called Wagner and gave up my slot

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