Wagner Fall 2013 ABSN

  1. I just submitted my application, anyone else looking into this program? Wondering how much they weigh TEAS scores vs. GPA vs. experience?
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  3. by   NJnursehopeful
    hey ebinbrooklyn,

    did you take the TEAS? im confused.. it says to take it after clearance from the admissions office
  4. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Yes--I already took it since I am applying to several other schools. I'm not sure how they handle that, but I'm guessing they'll ask y ou to take it if you haven't already.
  5. by   NJnursehopeful
    hey i contacted wagner and they told me that we take the TEAS after being conditionally accepted. They will call possible acceptances in to interview beginning of april
  6. by   ebinbrooklyn
    Just got an email to schedule an interview and invitation to take the TEAS (already done, happy with results and NOT doing that again ) - anyone else hear back?
  7. by   NJnursehopeful
    yes! i was contacted as well and I have to take the TEAS and already called to schedule an interview
  8. by   rachwabb
    I was also contacted for interview. I was told I could take the TEAS after the interview, August by the latest.
  9. by   NJnursehopeful
    Rach, im taking the TEAS on Monday, and have the interview on Tuesday. So nervous!
  10. by   rachwabb
    Anyone have their interview yet and want to comment? How did it go?
  11. by   NJnursehopeful
    i was supposed to take the TEAS and interview last week but I cancelled. I got into my first choice school so I called Wagner and gave up my slot
  12. by   ebinbrooklyn
    I also cancelled my interview because I got into a less expensive school--good luck to everyone still in the running
  13. by   NJnursehopeful
    what school are you going to?
  14. by   ebinbrooklyn