Wagner College 2011

  1. I'm a traditional transfer student who applied to Wagner for 2011. I saw on this board that some people had interviews. Were you guys all in the accelerated? Has anyone received an acceptance or rejection? Does anyone know when we will hear???
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  3. by   jva13
    Hey Steph,

    I applied for the accelerated program and had an interview last week. I still haven't received any notice of acceptance/rejection, but it is common for the decision to take a while. If I've learned anything from this entire process, it's to be patient. Good luck!
  4. by   StephRN2be
    Thanks for the reply! I called at the end of March and they said they were sorting through all the applications. I guess more waiting!
  5. by   golfinrican
    Hello you two..

    My name is Miguel and I am currently in the accelerated 2nd degree program at Wagner. If you have any questions about the program please let me know. It is my understanding that 2nd degree's are the only ones that interview. And I interviewed in April of 2010 and have my letter of acceptance three weeks later.. So it shouldn't take to long, just be patient.

  6. by   jva13
    Hi Miguel,

    Thank you for the info. Waiting is definitely the worst part, but hopefully we'll find out soon like you said. I don't have any specific questions regarding the program, but if you can give us an overview as to what you think are the positives and perhaps some negatives on the program it would really help. Are you happy you made the choice to attend Wagner? Thanks for your help!
  7. by   golfinrican

    Well I like the small classes, I feel that they benefit you and allow for more individualized attention. Most of the professors are awesome, the pediatrics professor was an issue, but she has since improved her teaching methods. I expected a little more from this school, especially since it is so expensive.. I am happy that I came though. -- Just a few things you should know that they always fail to tell you.. 1st.. Passing is a 77, if you fail any class at any point you are held back for a year. 2nd. You must enroll in ATI, which is and extra $420.00, and take standardized test every semester.. These count toward your final grade in the class. 3rd. In the last semester you have to pass an ATI COMP test, if you fail you can retest, but after that you have to take a semester of remediation and that costs more $$... Finally if you pass everything and graduate, you have to enroll into a NCLEX review program (i.e Kaplan). The Accelerated program is very fast paced, but after a few weeks you will get used to the madness. The second semester has a high fail out rate (peds, OB, MED- Surg), and is a lot of work.. Despite all the listed above I am happy I came, work hard and you will be fine no matter where you go.. Hope I didn't scare you off. Looking forward to seeing you around next semester..

    P.S. If you think of any specific question please feel free to ask. I will give you my honest opinion..
  8. by   jva13
    Thanks again for all of the info you gave. I just received my acceptance letter yesterday so I definitely have some decisions to make. That being said, I do have a few more questions if you don't mind.

    1.) How did you find the financial aid situation? Did you have to take out personal loans or was there some type of aid/scholarships readily available?

    2.) What was the TEAS V exam like? This is the only school that required this exam so I'm wondering how much preparation I would need for it.

    3.) How is your commute? Do you live close by or dorm?

    Thanks again.
  9. by   golfinrican
    1). Being second degree students we are not eligible for some of the grants, but you can get secondary loans and stafford loans. Most of my classmates needed to take loans from banks to cover the cost of tuition. I have G.I bill from previous military service that helps me cover tuition plus Stafford loans. I would contact the financial aid office, they may have additional information. finaid@wagner.edu (718) 390-3183

    2 The teas exam format changed since I took it. So I have heard its more like the NET's exam. If you are concerned you can get the study guide from ATI test website. I used their study guide when I took it and it was very similar to the actual test.. ( even a couple identical questions).

    3). I came from another state, and just rented a room in an house off campus.. Takes me about 5 min by car or 15 min bus ride to campus.. Dorms are expensive and you have to share a room, chances are you will be a lot older then your roommate and I personally didn't want to deal with that. But two people in the accelerated program live on campus, everyone else lives off campus...

    If there is anything else, just ask.....

  10. by   Deana Marie
    I just got accepted to Wagner's accelerated. I was just wondering how the classes work? Are They Mon-Fri like 9-5? or all different times? And, apparently there is one flat fee for the accelerated...its it $55,000?
    Thanks !
  11. by   Deana Marie
    For the TEAS V, Wagner just wants you to pass it. It was NOT easy. It seemed very basic, but it is alot of things learned in high school and it is timed which makes it difficult to concentrate and to work up to your full potential. I am fairly certain that you will not get an acceptance till the TEAS are completed, but I could be wrong.
  12. by   Babyblue88
    Hi! I got accepted to the accelerated program, contingent upon passing the TEAS. Does anyone know if the tuition is actually 55K for the whole program?
  13. by   Deana Marie
    Quote from Babyblue88
    Hi! I got accepted to the accelerated program, contingent upon passing the TEAS. Does anyone know if the tuition is actually 55K for the whole program?

    Hey my name is Deana and I got accepted to Wagners Accelerated prgram this fall. I am looking for someone to keep in touch with and to share information about the school, living and such. If you are interested, please email me Deanamarie333@gmail.com . Might also be looking for a roommie since I am from Long Island , Suffolk county
  14. by   golfinrican
    Congrats Deana on getting accepted.. First semester is monday-thursday.. If you work this will probably be the only semester in which you can squeeze a few hrs in.. Don't start on site clinical until the 6th week.. You will have one class a day plus a clinical... Overall the load isn't bad, but it takes a minute to get adjusted to the craziness.. And the program is about 55 -60 k, but the school gives you a 10 percent discount every semester..