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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    Thanks for the advice Nias. If you don't mind, I have some questions about the white coat area though. It doesn't seem there is much in the way of markets, coffeeshops...etc in the vicinity. Is this true? While I definitely would love living in an area that is so close to the school and hospital, it seems that without a car it would impossible to accomplish normal errands and such. I am moving from the west coast and not bringing my car with me.

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    I'm IN...just heard! Shamrock, my cousin was accepted last year and is just finishing her program. She lives in the White Coat neighborhood and was "saving" her rental for me. I sent an email to her landlord (having found I made it!) and am waiting for a reply. After reading your thread, I didn't know if you found anything yet?? If you're still interested, she says there are 3 rooms in the house. Fully furnished which would be perfect since I"ll be flying from CA. I can't wait to begin this chapter of my life!!
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    Tell me more about the area! I will be visiting next break, but I have a chance to get a room in the White Coat neighborhood. Is that the same as the white coat district? Soooooo excited and finally glad the wait to be accepted is done!!
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    samwyman! hi! and congrats on being accepted! I am def interested in the room, especially because like you, I am flying in from California (don't know anyone and have no furniture!) What part of California are you from? I heard the White Coat neighborhood is one of the best for medical/nursing students to live in...and that you do not need a car. Is that true with what your cousin said? Did she love the program? Feel free to email me, I would love to talk more! Thanks so much again!
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    Hello all! I will be moving to Rochester at the end of the month with my boyfriend who is from there originally. I am looking into U of R's ABPNN/AMPNN. I already have a BS from Ohio State and was going to start a Master's in Occupational Therapy Program in Buffalo, but now I am looking into nursing. My ultimate goal would be to become a NP. I am trying to figure out what I should do because I already have 60k worth of loan debt from my undergrad education and the ABPNN program at U of R is something crazy like 50 or 60k itself. I have a few questions for anyone who graduated from, is enrolled in, or accepted into this program who can help me out?

    1) Is there a direct-entry AMPNN at the school

    2) Is there sufficient financial aid for us second degree BSN students besides private loans? 60k more in private loan debt sounds insane to me when I already have 60!

    3) Has anybody gone to a community college (like Monroe CC in Rochester) to take the pre-reqs or get the Associate's first to save money? If you already have a BS and science long does a community college ADN program like this take?

    Thanks everybody!! I will probably be applying for the next cycle. Good luck to you all.
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    ginaw623 - Yes, there is direct entry AMPNN, have you checked out the SON website? University of Rochester School of Nursing . In my class (we graduate this May) I believe there are about 5 people of the 60 or so in the Masters portion. Many people plan to go on after their Bachelor's and when they are eligible to get tuition reimbursement after working for a year at Strong. I did not apply to the Masters, but I have heard that it is hard to get into directly because they want to make sure that people can handle the tough year of the Bachelor's and be ready to go on. Believe me, many people are burnt out well before the year is done. Also, the school has encouraged people to work as a nurse first, so doing the Master's full-time (while working full-time as a new nurse on orientation) may be difficult.

    As for financial aid - there are a small amount of $10,000 endowed scholarships that you apply for when accepted. For loans it depends on if you maxed out your federal loans already. After that, it is all about private loans - Wells Fargo has a good choice for health careers.

    I looked into MCC myself, and despite having a Masters in another field, they pretty much laughed when I said I wanted to take pre-reqs and get into nursing. You have to take courses from them, not the U or R online pre-reqs, and earn quality points based on your grades. Once you've earned a fair number (several semesters) you can apply to the nursing program which has a rumored 3 year waiting list. After figuring this out, I took the classes there that I could get into (huge waitlists on many), took the rest of the pre-reqs from U or R, and applied that semester. The U of R pre-reqs are pricier, but easy and online so they are at your own pace.

    Now that the end of the program is in sight, I would say that I would recommend this to anyone. It is a very challenging program, but it is amazing how much you learn, see, and become able to do in one year. I hope this helped!
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    npjl- thanks for your help! If you could private message me your e-mail address or something so we could stay in touch I would appreciate it .
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    Sorry ginaw623, I can't private message yet!
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    Never mind, just met the limit, check your inbox!
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    For those accepted and looking for housing away from campus, I recommend Rustic Village. It's 5 to 10 minutes drive from the SON. It's 1 or 2BR apartment living, and if you have a roommate to split the rent, electric, and internet, it's under $500 per month. Maintenance is very quick. Plus, free heat, and amenities like a pool, basketball court, tennis court, movie library etc. A few of my cohort members live here, and I know other cohort students who live here too.

    Here's a secret that few people know of. There's a free UR shuttle running from 730AM to 545PM from Strong Hospital (a short walk from the SON) to Corporate Woods (the corporate park adjacent to Rustic Village). I use it and save paying for parking and the hassle of trying to find a parking spot in the morning.

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