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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    I just recieved a call today saying that I have gotten off the waitlist for the abpnn program (I applied for the ampnn, but something is better than nothing!). However, as excited as I am for this opportunity, now I am at the point where I need to make a tough decision. I got accepted into Marquette University's direct entry master's of nursing program as well as Virginia Commonwealth University's accelerated NP program...and I like VCU's program and it's much cheaper than Rochester. However, I have always heard good things about Rochester's program and the reputation it holds. I just would like to hear from as many current students as possible (no matter what your opinion is) as to how you are paying for rochester and whether or not you think it is worth the pricetag. Also, do most graduates of the ABPNN program get into the master's portion? Thanks so much for your help!!
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    Hi All,

    I am new to this blog but I too am accepted for May '12. I am so excited! I was just wondering if there were any females who were accepted that were still looking for room mates? I am a Rochester "native" and would love to live with people in my program. I'm looking for something close to the hospital like the "white coat district" or southwedge. Also not looking to go over $500 or so per month. Let me know And congrats to all those who were accepted
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    Hi ena6895,
    Congrats on getting accepted I am accepted as well and am really excited! I have heard such good things about the nursing program at Rochester! Anyway, I am moving out from California and am very interested in finding roommates or a roommate. I think it would be fun to live with someone else in the program. I am female and would love to pay $500 or less a month. I have been looking at some housing options online, maybe we can coordinate? Let me know!
    And yes, congrats to everyone else this is so exciting!
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    Hi Ukes,
    I also am accepted to the May cohort and am from California Congrats to you! I was wondering if you had figured out housing yet? Lindsm, thanks for the pointers, I read them too. Rochester is far away and all the housing advice helps!
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    Hi Shamrock529,

    Congrats to you as well! Glad there will be another Californian in the cohort. What city are you from? I'm moving from San Diego. I have not figured out housing yet. I have been researching online as well and have pretty much decided that I think the best neighborhoods to live in would either be the South Wedge or Pearl-Meigs-Monroe. Both neighborhoods have bus lines that run to Strong and the Medical Center and have plenty around them such as groceries, banks, entertainment....etc. I agree with you that it would be awesome to live with someone else in our cohort. I was leaning towards a one bedroom or studio, but now that there seems to be interest in possibly sharing a larger apartment with other cohort members I am definitely willing to consider that. There are plenty of good deals out there on larger apartments so it will be worth it not just because of the reduced cost, but because it would be great to live with someone who is going through the same experiences as myself.
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    Hi Shamrock529 and Ukes,

    You're so lucky to live in California! Rochester isn't horrible but the weather is certainly not as nice as Cali! I would love to live with one or both of you if you're interested. I can try and scope out places because I'm right here in Rochester. I'd like to move in by the second week of May or so just to be settled in a new place before the program starts. I think living with members of the program will be cost effective and also fun because we'll all have the same schedule and be in the same classes so we can work on homework/studying together Southwedge is definitely nice and same with Corn Hill and I think if there are 3 of us sharing a place we should be able to be under $500 realistically. Yay I was worried no one would be interested. Let me know what you think. Also, my name is Erin Austin...feel free to look me up on facebook. Let me know what you think!
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    Hi Erin! I just sent you a message on FB! I am def interested in finding a place, I love meeting new people And from the research I have done online it is def cheaper to live with other people...and more fun! Ukes, I grew up in Orange County (San Clemente!) but now live in San Francisco-what part of SD? It is a big move, going across the country but I think it will be exciting and supposedly U of R is a great nursing school My only thing for living somewhere is that it is in walking distance to campus and the hospital as I am not bringing a car. Otherwise, I am flexible and up for anything!
    Erin, you will have to give me winter advice, I have no warm clothes! Ukes, are you ready for a Rochester winter?
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    Hi shamrock529,

    I didn't get a fb message from you I'm sure "Erin Austin" is a common name. If it helps the email I use associated with my fb is and I go to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). Or you can just send me a regular email at might be easier haha. Walking distance to the hospital would be great for me to but based on what I know about the campus, there won't be anything like right across the street. So we'll have to do our research I'll have my car though in case we need to drive. As for winter...this winter wasn't too bad (so far) we had one or two big storms but besides that its been about 35-40 degrees all winter which is good for Rochester. Regardless, North Face jackets and Ugg boots are all the rage
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    Hi Erin and Shamrock529

    I just want to confirm that both of you know that I am a guy. I have no problem living with females and actually lived with three my sophomore year of undergrad, but I just want to make sure that neither of you would have a problem with that. Hopefully you don't.
    Shamrock529 it seems like we have lots in common. I actually grew up in the San Clemente area as well. Went to Truman Benedict for a bit and my grandparents lived by the school most of their lives. My aunt and uncle still live in San Clemente. Moved to San Diego during elementary school and live in the Pacific Beach/Mission Beach area. I also went to UC Davis for undergrad so I know the Bay Area fairly well too. You live and work right in the city? That is cool. It is a great city!
    I have been mentally preparing for the winter for awhile. I am sure it will be a rough adjustment at times, but I figure we will be spending a good deal of time studying inside anyway. Definitely might need to buy some more sweaters and pants though. Pretty used to sandals, shorts, and t-shirts...
    If both of you want, you can try finding me on Facebook. My name is Andrew Udkovich. I have heard that because of my privacy settings some people can't find me, so I might need to find you guys first or you can email at
    I'm still down to live with both of you so let me know. And thanks Erin for offering to help scope out apartments for us if we do decide to live together. That helps a lot.
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    I have been living in the white coat area. This is just minutes walk to the nursing school and the hospital. Very friendly and safe. I would think twice about having to take a bus every morning in the Rochester climate. White Coat is really the ideal location.

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