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Hello all! Just wanted to start a thread for students starting the accelerated nursing program at U of R this May. Figured we might have some questions about the school, city and living... Read More

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    I have two dogs! Sounds like a lot of us might have a few study sessions at the dog park!

    AlmondB10 - How have you liked Rochester? I also lived in Chicago for awhile before moving around and landing here. Chicago was probably my favorite place to live!

    Also do a search on FB for University of Rochester ABPNN May 2013 for the group.
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    Has anyone else found the Facebook group? When I search University of Rochester ABPNN May 2013 my search results show that nothing matches my criteria.
    Congrats to everyone who got in!
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    Quote from AlI started a facebook group for us if anyone is interested! University of Rochester ABPNN May 2013mondB10
    I can't find it...
    Hi AlmondB10
    I visited Rochester and think I found a housemate and house! Right across from the SON. I can literally role out of bed haaahhaa. We could use a third housemate. Hilton, have you found someone to watch your dog yet. Every place I checked into would not allow them, only one, and it was a real dump!
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    Martha110 - It's great that you found a house so close to the SON since parking at the UofR can be a real challenge! I'm not looking forward to making the long trek from the parking lot by foot/bus during colder months.

    Nickpwalters - I like Rochester well enough to stay for another year or so. It doesn't really compare to Chicago, but I appreciate the high level of diversity and culture despite its small size. It's kind of a quirky city and the people are generally very friendly. I've had nothing but positive experiences at the University of Rochester itself. It's nice to know there will be a fellow former Chicago resident in the program!

    Hilton1234 - I still can't find it. I'm able to find pages for Jan and Sept cohorts, though. Hmmm....

    Just out of old is everyone?
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    Hi! My name is Rachael. I'll also be starting the ABPNN program in May.
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    If any of you are looking for a place to room together, the house I am renting will be available May 1st. It has 4 bedrooms and allows dogs. If anyone is interested you can email me through's my username on here... I will put you in touch with my landlord. It's in the Park Ave neighborhood (my personal favorite).
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    I have a question to those of you trying to locate the Facebook group. Are you doing the search via the Facebook search box while logged into Facebook? When I do a search for "university of rochester abpnn may 2013" it shows up.

    I am just curious as to why it wouldn't show up for others...

    University of Rochester ABPNN May 2013

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    Hi all!

    First of all Congrats to everyone who was admitted. I will be applying for this next upcoming admission cycle and would appreciate if any of you would be so kind to share your stats in terms of your GPA, degree you were awarded in undergrad, and whether you had any prior health related experience prior to applying?

    The reason why I'm asking and posting on this thread is because I would like to get a sense of what UR is looking for.

    I have a 3.8 GPA and received my B.S. in Psychology from the University at Buffalo. I've been working as a paralegal for the last two years and although my grades seem ok..I'm afraid I won't be at par with future applicants who graduated with science degrees and had health/ science related work experiences.

    Any insight would truly truly be appreciated! Please PM if you can!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I actually just found a place! Sorry! Good luck finding a housemate. I cant wait to meet everyone in less than a couple months!
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    Just out of curiosity, will accepted applicants be called? Or will there be an indication online as well?

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