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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    Hey guys...I'm hoping somebody can help me out with a few questions. I eventually want to go through NP school (probably Psych NP). Should I just apply for the AMPNN instead of the ABPNN? They are seperate applications, right? Is the AMPNN more competitive...because it seems like way more people apply for the ABPNN? Also, let's say I do apply straight for the Master's Program and don't get into it...will they still consider me for just the Bachelor's Program? So confusing lol. I know that everyone in the accelerated programs go through the first year ABSN the same, so is the AMPNN just a more competitive branch of it? IDK which one I should apply for ugh!

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    and also...did anyone/is anyone working part-time during this program?? is it possible?
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    To everyone that are accepted into the program, can you please share with us what your application looked like? what was your GPA, who wrote your letter of recommendation, what is your credentials exactly?

    I plan on applying this year and I was wondering what more I need to do before I tackle this application processs...

    Thanks in advance
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    weird question, but: is it possible to take[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] a&p 1&2 all in one semester?? i want to get my prereqs out of the way quickly....

    thank you!
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    Sakamano, I definitely wouldn't recommend that to anyone. Usually the school won't even allow that because they are separated into 2 semesters for a reason. Each course is contingent on each other. You have to understand how they all work together in order to really understand the way the body works. I understand the rush, but what's one more semester? Not to mention, your gpa will surely suffer! They're extremely difficult classes alone, I can't imagine taking them together! Hope this helps!
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    Quote from sakamano
    weird question, but: is it possible to take a&p 1&2 all in one semester?? i want to get my prereqs out of the way quickly....

    thank you!
    it is possible. some people in my cohort did this. all you have to do is talk to the counselor and explain that you really need to get it done quick. i think you will also need to talk to the professor to see if they are ok with it. it is going to be tough having 2 a&p classes at once but if you think you can do it, i say go for it.
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    sakamano, if you take the fasttrack prereqs from u of r, it's easy to do them in one semester. you just have to pace your time. also, you can sign up for one, and see where you are at the registration deadline then sign up for the other. it is definitely possible since there is no lab required for these online versions.

    Quote from sakamano
    weird question, but: is it possible to take a&p 1&2 all in one semester?? i want to get my prereqs out of the way quickly....

    thank you!
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    Be careful with online science prereqs. The majority of schools require a lab, so if you're planning to apply to other programs they will most likely require a lab. I'm from California though so they're really strict! It could be different elsewhere...
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    For those who were interviewed, what sort of questions did they ask you. I have my interview this coming Tuesday and I did some preparation, however, there are soo many questions that are possible it's quite overwhelming (mainly chose the ones that they most likely will ask.."why do you want to be a nurse, what are your strengths..etc"). Do they ask any behavorial questions like "what would you do if someone called a you bad name"..something like that.
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    For those who were interviewed for January 2013 cohort, have you guy hear back from the school? I had an phone interviewed and I have not hear back from them since...

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