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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

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    I see that Tiffany 519 answered the question wonderfully about the tuition reimbursement options. That is surely more than I knew. haha! By the way Congrats Tiffany519. To be honest, the costs are definitely crazy, but I kind of feel the same way that CaliforniaHopeful feels in terms of not wanting to be away from home for too long, so I have not really thought too deeply about it. Although, I think it is a great option considering tuition costs.

    I am from Maryland, but it is amazing to see so many people from California on here. I am still weighing my options between UR, Columbia, and I am still waiting to hear from University of San Diego, but UR just seems to have so much more to offer me and meets more of my needs. I know UCSF has a great program, and I wish I added that school to my list too. A lot of people from my job who are from Rochester and people I meet in the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area speak so highly of UR. They talk about how great of a medical facility they have and how their programs in the health professions are exceptional. It was amazing to hear the responses I got when I told them I was accepted into their program.

    Yes, you are right, housing costs look wonderful! In regards to the group on facebook, I did join the group so that was very helpful. Anyways, good luck with your decision! I guess we will all be keeping each other up to date on here

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    Congrats to everyone who has gotten in to the program for May! I'm in the class that just started in January. I haven't had much time to read anything on this page in a while, but if anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer what I can. As you can imagine, things have been almost nonstop since we started. Don't worry though...we have gone out to dinner a few times, gotten together for glasses of wine, and gone shopping!

    I was actually posting here about housing. I used the UR off-campus housing board to find my apartment. Craigslist might also be a good choice, but I didn't see as many options walking distance to the school. I do have a couple friends who are renting rooms in an apartment a couple blocks from school. One student is graduating in May and the other 3 are in my cohort. They will have 2-3 rooms open in May, I think, and would prefer students who are in the APNN program. I don't know if I can receive messages through here, but if I can, I can give my friend's email or phone number to anyone who is interested.
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    DOH85, That's really great to hear that people hold UR's program in such high regard. Thanks very much for sharing that with us.
    I guess we'll know soon enough where we'll all end up! It sounds like there is a nice group of people who are at least considering attending the program at Rochester.
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    Hi Yoga Rose! Could you tell us how you are liking the program so far? Are the clinicals arranged for you or do you have to set them up? How many students are in the average class? How many were admitted to your cohort? How can we access the off-campus housing board? Questions questions questions!

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    Hi YogaRose! So nice of you to join the thread! I think you can pm after you have 15 posts, so a couple quick posts and youre there. I look forward to hearing about the program and any advice you have, but will try to keep in mind how busy you must be!
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    Hi! I'm loving the program so far, despite being pretty busy (I am looking forward to Spring break!). The clinicals are set up for us. We have not started clinicals yet...we begin after Spring break. I think for your class the first 6 or seven weeks is devoted to classes and lab. In the lab, you will learn the basics that you will need for clinical. When we go to clinical, there will be 8 students to each faculty person. We will each be assigned a patient, but we have our classmates, professors, and the floor nurses around us.

    My cohort is only 48 students. I believe the May cohort is usually between 100 and 120 students. My class has all the lecture classes as a group, and the lab is split into two groups...I'm not sure how they will do it with you.

    Here's the link for the off-campus board If you click "search" you should be able to find some apartments. It may not have been updated recently, so check the posting date.

    Another thing I would recommend is taking care of your alternative loans (or other financial aid) as soon as you are able. I set up my loan around Thanksgiving and was very grateful to have one less stressor when I started in January.
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    Oh, and here is my 15th hopefully anyone who is interested in my friends' apartment can PM me!
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    Thanks for all of this information and advice, YogaRose! I hope you enjoy your spring break!
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    Thank you so much YogaRose! You are such a great help! People have suggested that UR/Strong, 19th Ward, and Highlands are good places to live because of its proximity to the university and hospital, but comfortability is also very important to me. Do you have any suggestions? I have no idea how to PM you, at least I think I don't. I would definitely like to get more information about your friend's aprtments.
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    I found my apartment in the UR/Strong area...that's the closest. I'm a 15 minute walk to the school. It depends on if you would prefer to walk to school (I prefer this...I've only been driving when I am going to be at school late). Some people live in Brighton, just a 5 minute drive away, others in the Park Ave. area, etc. Parking at the school is $22/month. I'll try to figure out contacting you with the information about the apartment.

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