Transferring License to New York - page 2

I'm currently in nursing school in South Carolina. And my goal is to move to New York, Albany in particular, when I'm done with my degree. The problem that I'm having is what I'll have to do to... Read More

  1. by   fralizma
    No there is no notification nor correspondence activity from NYSED to applicants which cgfns does have. I cant even get a chance to talk to them through phone call. Their line has always been busy :/ Postal mail is their only mode of communication if they need further documents from you.
  2. by   fumaduma
    I am transferring from MI to NY too and want to know how long it took you and if this is what you filled out?

    and did you have to pay $30 for the Nursys license verification to be sent to NY?

    This would help me a lot ASAP.

  3. by   michigansapphire
    Mufaro, it was almost 3 years ago, but from what I remember -

    It took about 6 weeks, I think.
    That's the current version of the form I filled out.
    I didn't use Nursys for license verification; I went through the Michigan BON. I think Michigan wasn't participating in Nursys then.