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SUNY Upstate Medical & RN Licensure?

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    I'm about to start my second, and final year, of nursing school in an ADN program at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. My plan, and ultimate goal, is to apply to SUNY Upstate Medical University to the 3-year RN-to-MS track program. When I initially started looking at applying, the criteria were that you had graduated from an accredited two-year RN program and were ELIGIBLE for licensure. It appears now that you may have to already be a licensed RN to be admitted to that program, although I am still unsure.

    Anyone out there go to SUNY Upstate who can clear this up for me? Anyone done the program who can tell me a little bit more about how to be competitive?

    Thank you all for your help!
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    I'm sure you've found the answer to your question by now but I just thought I'd see if you decided to apply. I am also in my last year of an ADN program and applied for the RN to MSN program for Fall 2013. As long as the requirements are met by the time classes start you're good to go!
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    It's been quite awhile since this post and I was wondering if you have found the answer to your questions. My goal is to attend SUNY Upstate after I get my associates. On the site, it says that you must be ELIGIBLE for your license; however, do you need to have it by the time you start classes?