SUNY Stony Brook RN-BSN 2012

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  4. by   hotscrubs
    Hi, I'm not from NY, but I'm finishing up my RN to BSN program in California and all I can tell you from my experience is that I would not have done it if it wasn't online. When u have to work twelve hour shifts and try to have a life with family, in class courses are just too much. My program is easy as pie and sometimes I do feel like all I'm doing Is paying tuition to get my degree, not really learning a whole lot but I have no complaints my life is way too crazy for anything more than easy. If I were you, enjoy online classes and if your looking to network, go to ceu courses and your states nursing network. Here in Cali there's a network that offers classes for ceu's special talks and luncheons where you could learn stuff and network. Nursing school sucks no matter what, get through it with as less stress as possible. Congrats on getting in!!
  5. by   Inori
    Thanks for sharing your rn-bsn experience and online too! hehe i guess its insecrity on my end as i'm use to running to my professor's office hours to ask questions and talk. Ocassionally for a shoulder to cry on too hah. Wow i can't imagine how you all do it work 12 hr days, school and family ... super