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Hello everyone! I applied to Plattsburgh's Traditional BSN (4-year) program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan... Read More

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    I checked my status and nothing.
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    Thanks kitkats... have you heard anything yet from SUNY? My file is saying my application is "under review" but I'm not sure if that means anything?
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    I keep hearing different things... that we might hear soon or not until May?
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    Plattsburgh said they will send out letters in March. I find that to be strange since today they requested my mid term grade (I'm only taking one class) to be sent in. I think that is pretty bogus. They will not receive it until late March and that's when, or supposedly when, the decision letters go out.

    @pinkmittens that would be terrible if I had to wait until April or May to find out. All my other schools will let me know during this month.

    BTW... Lucky you, mine only says "no decision".
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    Yeah they told me they wanted my midterm grades too... odd since I'm not taking any science since I finished my pre-reqs... Mine said "no decision" for over a month and it just changed to "under review". I really really hope we hear by March if not before... are you applying to start the second year of the program? We'll be in together if we get accepted
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    ^^^ wow I did not know they do not allow admittance into the junior level. @pinkmittens had you not said anything I would not have known. That makes the school a bit less desirable in my eyes, but hell if tuition is cheap and NCLEX scores are high, I'm there
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    I just realized I'm missing Survey of Human Development. I'm going to take that in the summer. However, this is a requirement that I need for most of my programs, I thought it could be satisfied with another psychology coarse I took. Oh well nothing I can do now.
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    Yea the farthest into the program you can begin is first semester sophmore year (because clinicals or nursing classes start then I believe). Uh oh sorry your missing Survey... but hopefully everything else you took will be enough. I've still heard nothing...
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    Still nothing...
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    I just wanted to jump in here...:-)

    I am a current nursing student at Clinton Community College...I will be graduating in 63 days (woohoo!)

    And I know there are a lot of horror stories out there about the college I've attended, but I will be completely honest with you in clearing them up:

    *Its EXTREMELY competitive. It took me two tries to get in, and I've busted my butt. I took ALL the prerequisites and got A's in most of them. They only take about 70 people to start with each year, and this year we have 43 graduating. MANY people dropped out on their own because they couldn't hack it. Some were asked to leave because they were not professional and didn't work hard enough. Few failed...and of those that did fail, many were allowed to return the following year.

    *At the end of the day, becoming a nurse isn't solely based on our ability to fill in the right bubble on a scantron. Being a good nurse means having good character, strong ethics, compassion, and honesty. If a person is not any of these things yet still is able to score high grades on exams, would you want them as a nurse? Not me...I'd rather someone with all those qualities...even if they do only score Cs... This being said, I do believe the instructors at almost all colleges are able (and obliged) to "weed out" those who they feel may not be ready for this profession.

    *The Nursing Program at CCC is NOT a nightmare. I've not only made the best friends of my life, I have a whole new family. Even while my instructors are superior to me, I consider them valuable friends and they have not only taught me so much, they have made me a better person. These last few years (only two years of nursing program) have been the best of my life. Even if I haven't gotten to see my husband and my children very much at all...even if I've had to skip weddings, parties, vacations, and everything else that has come along, I know the day will come when it'll be worth it.

    Please don't bash a school unless you know both sides of the story. I have nothing but positive things to say about the program...and that's not just because I'm in it. I knew it would be tough going into it, and it has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I applied and was accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh in the fall of this year to achieve my Bachelor's. And I will walk proud because I will have a CCC Nursing Pin to go along with my SUNY one! :-)

    Good luck to all of you!

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