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Suny Downstate Rn-Bsn 2012 Applicants

  1. 0 Hello everyone i have started this thread as i would like to reach out to prospective and current Suny downstate RN-bsn 2012 applicants.I figure we can help each other and even answer each others questions. I graduated this pass may 2011 from Queensborough's Asn nursing program and passed my boards in July i wanted to have a seamless transition to the bsn, however that was not to be.So i look forward to starting next fall.I am currently taking my final pre-reqs needed.OK here goes my questions .

    Does downstate have a evening program?

    Has anyone applied as yet?

    Is anyone familiar with the program? (current or past student)

    Thanks for your time and we will have almost a year to go through the process together wishing everyone the best of luck.
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    Moved to NY Nursing Programs Discussion forum for better response.
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    Any Downstate hopefuls, would really like to go through the process with the potential 2012 students
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    Im in the application process.. So many different steps in this process it's draining. Anyone know what is a good book to buy to prepare for the TEAS exam?
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    Mo2rn Hi. How are u? I was wondering if U submitted ur application for SUNY Downstate ?
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    I am in process as i am now taking the final pre-reqs. But i am now looking at other schools because i really wanted an evening program.i am still gonna apply
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    I just finished the checklist today for the fall2012 app. Let's see what happens.
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    I plan to apply here for my RN-BSN degree once i finish my ASN degree at Lagcc. Does anyone have any link for the list of transferable credits specially the computer science course because I'm kind of confused if I should take computer technology course(no prerequisite) or computer science course(prerequisite is precalculus).
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    I think its just a basic or introduction to computers that you need.But to be absolutely sure contact the school
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    I guess I'll register for an intro course(by the time i graduate, I have 89 credits=all pre-preuquisites). Is it true that they favor minority students?- because I am.
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    Anybody hear anything from Downstate or see any change on their online admissions checklist?
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    Nurseaig: the site won't let me use PM since I haven't posted enough. To answer your question though, everything is checked off except RN license (im still in my program). I think they also added a Final Official Transcript row as well but can't remember if it was there before. How about you? Emails or changes?
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    I suppose that's a no?