SUNY Buffalo ABS 2013-2014 - page 2

I just got accepted into the 12-month accelerated BSN program at SUNY Buffalo (the ABS program) to begin in May 2013. Anyone else? I still have to decide between this and the accelerated program at... Read More

  1. by   Ceestahr
    No, no academic references are required.
  2. by   kjy76
    Congratulations to those who got accepted. I am also looking forward to get into nursing program. I am going to apply to next year for traditional program. But just wondering, I was thinking how hard is this 1 year program. And before getting into accelerated program, I know that you have to get another degree and then apply for accelerated program. Is there particular degree that you supposed to get before you get into accelerated program? I want to know what you guys got before getting into accelerated program. I would be look forward to your answer. THanks
  3. by   Ceestahr
    They take degrees from all sorts of different specialties. My personal degree was a BA in English but we've had Doctors, Dentists, High School Teachers, and Epidemiologists enrolled. It allows you to meet a wide variety of people.
  4. by   restlessnerd
    Hi everyone,

    I'm getting ready to apply to the ABSN program for next year. Would anyone be able to tell me a little bit about your experience so far now that the summer is almost over? What is your take on the job market for ABSN grads in Buffalo?
  5. by   restlessnerd
    kjy76- I have an MA in Anthropology with a focus in medical anthropology. Going into nursing because I realized I liked working with patients WAY more than I like doing research/grant writing.