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Hello All,I am very new to this website and it really warms my heart to see everyone helping and consoling each other.I am a junior nursing student and I am interested in doing an externship over the... Read More

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    Well, I decided not to apply for the NYP because of "technical difficulties." Anyway the applications close tomorrow at midnight. Good luck for all of those who are applying. I did apply to the NSLIJ summer externship though.
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    Good luck and keep your fingers crossed!
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    Hi All.. I applied for the LIJ Nurse Externship as well. Did anyone hear back for an interview yet????
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    I actually interviewed with them yesterday..I was soo noervous!! Hopefully all goes well. I believe they are still making calls because my friend called yesterday and set up an interview for today so I believe there is still time. Hopefully they will give you a call!
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    *sorry I meant to say my friend got called yesterday
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    I know you all applied last year but how long did it take to hear anything back? I applied this year but have heard nothing so far. Thanks!
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    I applied this year too, and haven't heard anything either. They started interviewing for the externships already. I know someone who went for an interview last week.
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    That's very frustrating. any idea when they officially make decisions? Are you from long island?
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    Yes I'm from Long Island. I was very frustrated too. I've volunteered at a hospital in the North Shore-LIJ system for a year and a half, and I was hoping to at least get an interview. I'm not sure when they're making the decision, but I can try to find out from my friend.
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    I'm not from Long Island and I'm afraid that's hurting me. I emailed the recruiter last week about the status of my application but have not heard back. What year in nursing school are you? I graduate in December.
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    I graduate in May 2015. I emailed the recruiter too and heard nothing back.
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    Fingers crossed they just haven't reviewed our applications yet! Let me know if you hear back. I'm gonna give it a few more weeks before I start really getting discouraged.
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    I lost all hope a couple weeks ago lol. I'll let you know if I hear anything though, or if I find out any details from the girl I know who interviewed.