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Hey everyone, I didn't see a thread for the applicant pool for SCCC Fall 2013. I applied to the night program as my first choice and the day program as my second choice, at the Selden campus. I was wondering what program everyone... Read More

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    Quote from Kris10Noel

    Also, your friend who got the rejection letter ... What does their last name start with? I thought they send out letters alphabetically?
    Idk her... just a girl in my micro class.

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    So I just called Admissions and they said all letters will be sent out next week! Just thought everyone would like to know =)
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    Admissions is ridiculous because I just called and the women said not till end of April beginning of May!
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    Is everyone calling the same campus for the same programs?
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    Lol geez. I called Brentwood because that's my home campus. I don't know why it would be different for each campus because most people applied for both Brentwood and Selden but anything is possible.
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    Quote from Corrine611
    Admissions is ridiculous because I just called and the women said not till end of April beginning of May!
    Don't we have to enroll for fall classes in the beginning of April? I hope they don't send the letters out in April-May...won't that mess with our scheduling for fall classes? And I sure hope they don't wait until most people are away on spring break to send them out! I'll be frantic the whole time I'm away. That'd be kinda lame on their part if they did that.
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    I applied to Ammerman campus and each time I call they say something different. Last year when I got my acceptance letter it was the beginning of May so who knows. As far as enrollment goes I wouldn't worry because everyone will enroll pretty much as they get accepted around the same time I believe.
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    u guys will get your acceptance letters in april just like the last couple of years
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    My friend just her acceptance letter to Ammerman today! So they are coming. She said look for big envelopes lol
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    I got my acceptance letter for the ammerman evening program today woo!

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