Stony Brook ED Fellowship

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    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any information on the stony brook hiring process? I have an interview in two weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any idea on the questions they ask? This will be my very first interview for a nursing position, and lo and behold its the exact place I wanted to end up! I'm super nervous and want to be as prepared as possible for this. Any help would really be appreciated

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    Hi I wanted to ask how do I submit my resume for stony brook? Can I alone submit my resume or do I have to attach the application also? if so, which application?

    I do see under each RN position to submit application, I just want to make sure though.

    Thanks in advance
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    I sent both at the same time. It's the state application that you use. But when I got the interview I was told to still bring the job application, so I suppose it didn't matter that I sent it online. Good luck!
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    Hey rock, I also interviewed for the ED fellowship about a month ago. When I call HR they say they still haven't made a decision. Do you have any information regarding when they will choose??
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    HR at Stony Brook is pretty slow (its a pretty large state hospital, and their HR department is wildly small). There is no set information when they will choose anything. Id imagine it could take quite a while.

    Only thing unique I can think of about Stony Brooks ED is that they have CPEP, so youll probably have some wilder experiences than most other long island hospitals.
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    Ok. Thanks. They interviewed 12 people and will hire 4...I'm eager to find out. This would be my dream job.
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    Haven't heard anything back myself. I'll let you know if that changes though. Hopefully sometime soon!
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    Just got a call back today! I got one of the positions! Good luck drow, hope to see you with us!

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