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by spiritedkidd

It's almost september, which means people are starting to get their applications for nursing together real soon. I'm currently in the 1-yr nursing program here at Stony Brook. A previous alum started the 2014 thread for us, so... Read More

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    I got it! Thank soo much! Is the test multiple choice?��
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    Quote from LAGD0208
    Did you hear that rumor for this year's class or just the years to come?
    I heard it starts with the class beginning this June. Still trying to confirm this though.

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    Hello Everyone....

    this will be my 1st time and hopefully the last time ill apply to SB accel. nursing program.
    My main question is how does it look like? i mean the admission, registration... step by step... from i remember the lady at SB told be there are few steps... some interviews, math exam? Can someone tell me how can get ready for that...and is it hard???

    thank you....
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    and about math.... do u guys have any sample tests???? if yes please email me some at

    thank you
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    Hello All,

    I thought some of you might have advice for me since you are familiar withe the type of applicant SBU accepts. I wanted to know if I have a decent chance of acceptance for the accelerated program for the upcoming year. These are my stats:

    Undergraduate GPA: Stony Brook University 3.4 Double Major Psychology and English, Deans List, Study Abroad
    Graduate GPA: 3.9 Queens College Applied Linguistics/tesol, Taught overseas in Vietnam summer 2011

    Research Exp: Stony Brook Research Assistant in a Psychology Lab, Spring 2010 studying Women's Health
    Healthcare Exp: One year as a Medical Assistant 2010-2011
    Currently I am NYC teacher. I teach Junior High ESL

    I am still finishing up my pre-reqs so I don't know what my science/math gpa will be but probably between 3.5-3.7

    I applied to Molloy who will accept me without pre-reqs but it is expensive and seeing as I am a Stony Brook grad I would love to go back there. At first I didn't think I had a shot because my undergrad grades are not great, but I might regret not trying. If Molloy accepts me and I decline in hopes of getting into SBU, and I dont get int, I may have lost my shot at Molloy also. Anyone have any advice?
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    Hey NesSa87 - I think SBU cares a lot more about your character than about your GPA (as long as it's above a certain level). Write a kick-butt essay, present your passion to pursue nursing, brush up on your arithmetic skills and interview-type questions, and you've got as good a chance as anyone.
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