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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! good luck to all :p... Read More

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    Hey Marmaduke, I'm going to try to tackle some of these questions but let me know if I miss any because there are a few. I am in the program right now, and I am paying the In-state tuition. (Usually they charge double for out of state, so that's a rule of thumbs to follow). So the summer (starting in July) counts as a semester and for the summer I paid $4,354. For the fall my bill was $3,824.75, and for the Spring I will be paying $3,779. Something to keep in mind is if you take their health insurance you will be paying a little over $700 per term (you have the right to waive this if you have your own insurance as long as you provide proof of insurance), so add another $2,100 and there you have your total cost for the program. Before I started I actually went to Bursars because I was also concerned with the cost for the program, but they seem to be more concerned with getting you to take loans so they try to include the cost of living for a year while unemployed such as rent, food, gas, etc. According to their calculations I would've been paying about $28,000 for the year so I was close to taking those loans, but then decided to do my own math it worked out better for me.

    As far as preparing to be a nurse personally I feel like I've had great exposure from my clinical experiences. I've seen a lot of things, and have yet to see the most interesting rotation (Med Surg) which we go over now in the Spring. Options for clinical placement include Stony Brook University Hospital (everyone will be there during the summer), for Psych they have the VA, Stony Brook (CPEP), Pilgrim Psych Center, a child psych center which I forget the name right now (sorry), and a few others. For Peds, OB, and Med Surg you also have a few other options to pick from including Long Island Jewish. There definitely are a lot of clinical hours. For every clinical rotation you're doing about 8 shifts of 12 hours (psych may be a little different), then there's capstone which Paco can probably tell you more about it since I have not gone through it yet, but I believe it is 12 shifts of 12 hrs.

    The living situation in Stony Brook I would say is not NYC urban, but things are pretty accessible. There's a mall about 5 mins from the SB campus (Smith Haven mall), there are a few bars nearby which always come in handy :-), and the town of Port Jefferson is about 15 minutes from Stony Brook and it is also pretty busy.

    This is all I have for now, hope I answer your questions. Good luck to you all!!

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    Thanks so much for the info regarding tuition! It puts my mind at ease a little! What a huge difference from the $90K NYU was going to charge me! I have been trying to get an answer from Stony Brook since Monday and no one seemed to know how much tuition was.

    Emer1234- how are you finding the courseload? I was nervous about possibly starting a 15 month program and now I'm REALLY nervous to be starting a 12 month program! Do you find you have ANY free time whatsoever?
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    Quote from jcpenny926
    Hey everyone and congrats to those who have been accepted so far! I just have a question if anyone has the answer that would be great! I haven't received any e-mails throughout the whole application process and haven't heard of my answer as well. Were there emails going out before Monday? I am just afraid there is something wrong with my email... Also do we get letters in the mail or is it just an email?? Thanks!
    Yes, there was email in December that said decisions would be sent on January 7th and I received a few emails before then about my application being submitted, deadlines, etc. I'd definitely call the school if you haven't received anything. I didn't receive anything in the mail.
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    Quote from lb88
    Emer1234- how are you finding the courseload? I was nervous about possibly starting a 15 month program and now I'm REALLY nervous to be starting a 12 month program! Do you find you have ANY free time whatsoever?
    The load is heavy, not going to lie about that, and the worse part is that it gets harder before it gets any easier.. lol so pretty much it just gets harder (granted I still have the spring to go through, but last semester was TOUGH!!!). That being said, it is definitely doable if you apply yourself. Unfortunately my free time has been very limited as I also have to juggle my family (I'm married with 2 children) and live about 50 mins from campus. But I'm doing fairly well up until now (crossing my fingers)

    Just gotta keep in mind that a year flies by and come next year at this time you can be right back on this website giving advice to the class of 2015
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    Thank you! I did call they said they would get back to me. I updated my profile to see if I would get an email from them and I did, so I am nervous something happened to my application. Just my luck lol.
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    Quote from Delancey123
    Chele, I had been awaiting SB's application decision for you just as much as my own. You have given so many people support throughout these threads, and I am so thankful for your posts! I know you will become a wonderful nurse, and I can't wait to hear about your acceptance for the 2-yr!
    I am floored by the thoughtful comments that have been made personally to me and to Paco. This forum has become a wonderful tool and sounding board to so many. Thank you for all of your kind words and support. I'm down, but not out! I am so thankful that I have a job I love and a very supportive husband. I am rethinking my options and I know that whatever happens in the future months/years will all be for the best. So many of you are going to make wonderful nurses!

    For those of you who made it to the alternate list, they do indeed take quite a few from the alternate list each year. So don't give up hope. For those who did not get accepted, don't despair, it just means that something better will be coming your way. For those who got accepted, congratulations and good luck, from what I hear, you're in for a crazy, wild, all-consuming, no-time-for-yourself ride! Enjoy!!!

    Stay positive, never give up and most of all, have fun and never give up hope!!

    Much love to you all!
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    How long before waitlisted find out?.....Do u think since they are giving people 10 days to respond......people will find out sooner?
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    Quote from charkoal
    *special thank you for Paco-RN, your info has always been so helpful, I can tell you make an excellent nurse just on you helping complete strangers with this whole crazy process!
    Thank you ... Please pass that comment along to my unit's nurse educator, who for some reason likes to point out negatives more often than positives and sometimes leaves me feeling like I suck as a nurse (fortunately, she has a reputation of doing this to everyone, so I am not feeling singled out ... and she wonders WHY the unit has a high turnover, hmm?? )

    Quote from Emer1234
    ... then there's capstone which Paco can probably tell you more about it since I have not gone through it yet, but I believe it is 12 shifts of 12 hrs.
    Emer is correct about capstone with regards to shifts/hours. Capstone is your internship and it takes place after all your spring classes and exams have concluded and this is all you're doing for school for the month before graduation. You are assigned a preceptor and you work the same schedule he or she does for 4 weeks. You are basically "working" as a nurse in your chosen specialty (med-surg, OR, peds, NICU, psych ... wherever your interest lies) but you're earning "3 credits" instead of $$$, lol. Most people do their capstone @ Stony Brook Univ Hospital or North Shore LIJ in Nassau County, but others have been known to complete their capstone at other hospitals (I know some students in my class did theirs at Lenox Hill and NY Presbyterian in NYC, but I believe there was some extra legwork involved to get those, so if you really want to do yours out of Long Island, it's possible).

    Capstone is designed to start transitioning you from student to professional nurse. From start to finish, you will be progressively given your own patients, starting from 1 and usually by the end you should be expected to handle 3 patients (because in the real world, 5-6 patients is the norm on an acute floor, 3-4 on stepdown and 2-3 in ICU). At all times, your preceptor will be there to guide you and sign off on what you do (because after all, they are still your preceptor's patients at the end of the day and this is all on their license) but you should start showing greater independence as the weeks progress, demonstrating that you are getting ready to start being a nurse.

    Some capstones required daily or weekly logs to be submitted as part of the course requirements, while others did not (mine did not, so I never had to worry about doing homework ... all depends on your placement). I think most people get an A in this course as long as you don't screw things up royally somehow

    ETA: Sometimes -- many times actually -- where you do capstone may turn into an interview and a job offer (as it did with me and many in my class). So it behooves you to choose these placements wisely sometimes. I used to think that nursing jobs would "run out" by the time I graduated. Don't worry about this, there will always be jobs!
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    I dont know if anyone knows the answer on here but I may as well just throw it out there because everyone is so helpful!

    Does anyone know if we can maybe take a class or two during this coming spring semester to maybe lighten our load for the summer?
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    Wow thanks for all of the really detailed, helpful and timely responses! Thanks for the tuition clarification; I also finally connected with someone in the student accounts office who knew the answers to my questions, and she said that Stony Brook only charges you up to 12 credits for the fall and spring (even though we take more), but they charge you per credit in the summer (and I think we take 18-19, so the summer is strangely more expensive than a regular semester), but all in all I think total out-of-state tuition should come to around $30,000-$32000 with fees (depending on if you need the school health insurance plan or not, and if tuition goes up for the fall). Not bad at all. I'm definitely leaning toward going to Stony Brook now based on the amazing feedback on this thread, that must say something about the kind of people that go there! :-) It really does help us prospective students get a sense of what the program is like to hear from current/past students so thanks so much Paco-RN and Emer1234, I will definitely have to post when I am in nursing school/done with nursing school to help future students out! And its also really great to get support from fellow applicants. After reading all this, I'm really excited to start (although also a little apprehensive because it does sound like a lot of work)! :-)
    Last quick question- how are the faculty there?

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