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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! good luck to all :p... Read More

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    Hi all,

    Just received an email that I am on the alternate list. I suppose that means there's still hope, right? (At least I'm telling myself so! lol)

    Fingers crossed!
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    oh boy... seems like things are getting a lil toasty around here I just found out that I was placed on the alternative list, has anyone else been placed on this list? does anyone know if this means I have a good shot for being accepted into the 2yr program?
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    I was just informed of my placement on the alternate list, too, wondering the same question! I wish everyone the best of luck! There is another thread involving last year's application process. I'm going to go back and read when people found out about their status on the alternate list. You may find more answers there : )
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    Quote from Esme12
    Many factors other than GPA and standings go into choosing participants to a program...that is why they have personal interviews.
    Just to clarify: Stony Brook does not conduct personal interviews. All decisions are made solely on what's submitted on paper (or digitally if you will, since the application process is online). As an alumnus and twice-an-applicant of this nursing program, I can tell you that personal statements and recommendation letters go a long way in letting the admissions committee know who they should and should not admit into the program. And looking at the students who were admitted into my class and the class that is completing the program right now (who I have had the pleasure to meet and advise on my free time since last summer), the Stony Brook admissions committee knows what they are doing. They don't aim to admit a class full of 4.0 GPAs, they aim to admit diverse students from diverse backgrounds that hold promise to become great nurses and benefit from a great program. Since no interviews are conducted, you have to sell yourself strong through your essays and recommendations (in the latter, you don't have control over what they say, but you do have control in who you use).

    No comment on the delta post that Esme edited ... just glad that it was diffused. We don't need negativity on this thread.

    Chichi: Celebrate your success, don't question it. Stony Brook recognizes something special in you, so embrace that. Not all good nurses had 4.0's.

    Quote from Delancey123
    Similarly, Paco you are amazing! Your posts on here are actually therapeutic. They helped me lay to rest a multitude of questions racing throughout my mind that others had already asked (yes, I have read all 80-90 pages of threads between this and the previous). Giving someone a little peace of mind is worth a lot.
    Thanks Delancey! It's my pleasure to help out, I know what this process is like, and I want to do anything possible to make it easier for people ... I'm rooting for you and others on the alternate list!

    Which begs the question asked: waitlist meaning good chance for the 2-year? Unfortunately, there is no way to tell. I have seen people get in or denied regardless of waitlist to the ABSN. However, the good news is that quite a few students do get in from the waitlist eventually. I think there were at least 10 students in my class that got in from waitlist.
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    Hi everyone!

    New to the board. Found out the other day that I've been accepted to the 1 year program. Couldn't be more excited! Does anyone know what the tuition is for a NYS resident? I tried contacting SBU but no one can give me a straight answer! I look forward to meeting all those accepted in the summer... Get ready for the craziness!!!
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    thanks for all the helpful info!!! i will keep my fingers crossed... (hopefully they won't be crossed for monthes... ) *special thank you for Paco-RN, your info has always been so helpful, I can tell you make an excellent nurse just on you helping complete strangers with this whole crazy process!
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    This may seem corny to some, but I thought I'd share. On my commute home tonight I was feeling down on myself, wondering what I could have done to get a "Yes" from Stony Brook instead of a "Maybe." I logged into Pandora as I always do, and I was nearly knocked out of my seat when Cher's "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" came on streaming.

    So for all those not accepted to Stony Brook, or those waitlisted like me, or even those accepted to the program (who might be depressed about something else! lol), I offer up these lyrics, because it's hard to feel sad when listening to Cher.

    Feeling broken
    Barely holding on
    But there's just something so strong
    Somewhere inside me
    And I am down but I'll get up again
    Don't count me out just yet

    I've been brought down to my knees
    And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
    But I can take it
    I'll be back
    Back on my feet
    This is far from over
    You haven't seen the last of me.
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    Hi, I have been reading the thread from time to time as I was working on my application but only just signed up for an allnurses account, so this is my first post!

    Just found out on Monday that I got into Stony Brook's 1-yr program! I'm excited, and I agree, thanks Paco-RN for your info/advice on what the program is like!
    I had a few more questions though:
    I have been trying to get in touch with people at both the nursing school and the Stony Brook Bursar's office to tell me how much the program would cost for out-of-state students, and no one seems to know the answer! It's really frustrating! I looked up on the Bursar's web site how much it should be each semester, but they only publish tuition up to 12 credits/semester (which is like $10,000/semester for out-of-state) and I think for the program it will cost more b/c we take more than 12 credits a semester...I talked to someone at the Bursar's office (who didn't seem to know what they were talking about) and they said out-of-state is charged $750/credit, and looking at the program's website, we take 69 credits throughout the course of the program, which would mean $750*69= ~$51,000? That's way higher than Paco-RN's $28,000 figure (which I hope is correct). Anyone else get a straight answer on this? I tried emailing the nursing school afterward and they just told me to talk to the Bursar's office....ugh. I will try again today.

    Also, I was wondering if any current students could give an opinion on how well they think the program prepared them to become a nurse, and how well it is regarded...I also found out I was admitted to UPitt's accelerated program on Monday and I am trying to decide between Stony Brook and Pitt...Pitt is ranked a lot higher on US News's nursing grad school rankings, but both of these are undergrad ABSN programs so I wasn't sure if this was relevant or mattered in the long run, as I would eventually like to go to grad school.

    Also another question- where are most of the clinical sites for Stony Brook's program? Stony Brook University Hospital? And were there enough clinical hours? (It looks like there are 820, which seems like a good amount).

    And how is Stony Brook to live in? I'm from New England and currently living in Germany, so want to know what to it like living in NYC or more suburban?

    Thanks to anyone who might be able to answer any of these questions! I know there are a lot! And congrats to everyone who got accepted, and I hope waitlisted people get offers soon!
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    Congrats on getting excepted, Marmaduke!

    As far as tuition goes, students only pay for a max of 12 units. This is considered full time and students only pay the full time tuition rate. So it will be more than 28000 because tuition has been raised since Paco's days but not by much With all fees it ends up being closer to 33 ish (not including books, lab fees, etc) I think.
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    Hey everyone and congrats to those who have been accepted so far! I just have a question if anyone has the answer that would be great! I haven't received any e-mails throughout the whole application process and haven't heard of my answer as well. Were there emails going out before Monday? I am just afraid there is something wrong with my email... Also do we get letters in the mail or is it just an email?? Thanks!

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