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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! good luck to all :p... Read More

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    How did you find out? Did you get an Email? Did your tabs change in.home screen?What letter does your last name start with?

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    Quote from kaurg
    How did u find out...did u get an email?Did your tabs change on home screen?What does your last name start with?
    I received an email and my tabs changed in SOLAR. My last name starts with A
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    Mine starts with V
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    Thanks guys you think thats it then? Maybe they sent all the acceptances cause both of you mentioned A and V
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    Quote from kaurg
    Thanks guys you think thats it then? Maybe they sent all the acceptances cause both of you mentioned A and V
    I don't think so because in past years it took weeks and in the email they sent a few weeks ago they said don't worry if you haven't heard by Friday. They said decisions would be sent over a few days. I would wait before I started to worry

    Just an FYI, on SOLAR next to my application section there was a new section that said "view decision". If that section is there then they've made a decision for you. If not, consider yourself still in the running!!
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    Hey everyone. I got my acceptance e-mail just this afternoon. I can't believe it! I'm in shock.. I haven't posted on here much but everyone was very helpful when I did. Just hoping to meet some more classmates. I wish the best to all of you
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    Hi everyone, I still haven't received any info but my friend, who is SB alumni, received her acceptance email today. Her last name begins with an H. Good luck to everyone. I think its great that SB is on time, in some regards, in releasing admissions decisions...
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    And congrats to those who got in! You should be VERY proud of yourself. SB is super competitive to get into!!!
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    Well, third year in a row I am rejected. I don't understand how I can make it to the alternate list last year and not only not get in this year, but not make it to the alternate list either. Oh well, guess I'll keep working and try again next year. Now I'll wait on the 2 year decisions again. At least my not getting in, means someone else got in.
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    chele118, i'm sorry to hear that! but don't beat yourself up. it's just really hard to get into the program. and if 2 years ago, there were 700 applicants applying for 64 seats (or something like that), i'm sure the number of applicants have increased even more this year. it's also possible you got into the 2 year program, so don't despair yet!

    when did you receive notice from them? did you get an email today, just right now? or did you check SOLAR? b/c i haven't heard yet and keep refreshing all my tabs... argh.

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