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St. Pauls School of Nursing 2012/2013

  1. 0 Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone in the Fall 2012 or anyone going into Spring 2013 could give me an idea of your schedule. How many classes, how many days, what time you begin & end etc. Days & nights would be helpful! Thanks
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    I asked the admissions counselor that exact same question and she told me that she won't know until I am billed then she will know my schedule. I think it is a lie. There is no way they don't know the days and times of the classes they are offering this upcoming semester. I am coming in with transfer credits for all the classes except the nursing classes. I need to know which days I will be in school because it is hard to apply for a job and not know when you will be available. Plus, isn't it just one group of students that are coming in and starting together? Shouldn't they already know?
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    Yeah I started last year in January for night session. They don't finalize class schedule like a week before classes start.Sometimes students drop or who exactly is teaching the class is not final. The morning classes run from 8-4 I think and the night session is from 4:30-10. Sometimes if you finish the material the professors let you out earlier.You will be there Mon-Friday but if you're only taking nursing classes it might be less.You should ask the registrar lady,she is usually helpful.
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    Thanks nike- that was helpful.