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Where are we on this site I don't see any representation from us on here. I am wishing all of us the best in all of our upcoming first semesters of nursing school. We are also moving to a brand new location in Rego Park I am... Read More

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    It's official I received my acceptance letter ladies and gentlemen . Primadon22 it stated that I was put on a waiting list for Fall 2012. My admission rep called me to inform me that I was accepted and was put on a waiting list. That is when I made up my mind to start in Spring 2013. I am so excited! I am looking forward to starting in January.
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    congrats victory, I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow . How soon from the appointment did you sit for hesi? did you have to give a deposit to hold a spot? I am undecided if I want to do ADN or BSN since there is a LPN to BSN program called Molloy College.
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    Thank you mjaybx. I took the HESI two weeks later after I passed the Wonderlis Schoastic Level Entrance Test Evaluation.
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    I also heard of that program as well. You have to do what is best for you.
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    I was in the BLS class and there was one person that was also on the waiting list. Victory7 your in Queens right? I am in Staten Island, classes seem to fill up really quick here. I was speaking to a few people and they took the hesi in April ! I did not take it until July.
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    Hey primadon22, I took the hesi in the beginning of July also. Did you get A package to tell you you have been accepted on their waiting list? I am also in staten island. Waiting to hear if I can start in the fall..
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    Yes ! I completed everything and now I guess we wait. Admission advisor said maybe I have a chance if I get everything in quickly. I keep checking the mail in hopes that I will get a new acceptance. Did you complete everything? Meggg321
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    I will have everything in by Friday. I am just missing my medical, they have everything else. My advisor said I had a 50/50 shot. I hope we both get it! I think I'm going to ask her what number I am on the list when I see her on Friday. I am so anxious!! Haha did you pay to hold your spot yet?
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    I paid for my spot, took the BLS class, and handed in everything. Who is your advisor? ***? I am going to call now to see how many people are in front of me. I will let you know! Did you take the BLS?
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    I am so anxious also. I hope we both get in too! Are you looking for day or night classes? I called but I realized it is after 5 so I will call in the morning.

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