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Where are we on this site I don't see any representation from us on here. I am wishing all of us the best in all of our upcoming first semesters of nursing school. We are also moving to a brand new... Read More

  1. by   Primadon22
    I am so anxious also. I hope we both get in too! Are you looking for day or night classes? I called but I realized it is after 5 so I will call in the morning.
  2. by   Meggg321
    I told her I would rather days but I Will take nights if it opens up. I will let you know if I hear anything, I hope we get the good news the same day and ASAP!
  3. by   Primadon22
    I can't respond via private messages yet, you have to have 15 posts. I don't think I have a chance for Septemeber, I am #15. Grrrrrr.
  4. by   Meggg321
    Thats annoying! I just called to see what number I am. I will let you know when I find out. 15 doesn't seem bad.. I am probably around the same number. Did you bring the deposit in right away?
  5. by   Primadon22
    I received the letter on a Saturday, and I was there on the Tuesday with the deposit. She said not all the people on the waiting list will have their paperwork in but 15 is too far away in my eyes. But, you never know. Did you call yet?
  6. by   Meggg321
    I got mine on a Friday and gave it to them on that Monday. So wait, are you on the waiting list before you put all your documents in than? I called about an hour waiting for them to call back..
  7. by   Meggg321
    I sent you a PM with my email address
  8. by   lizasanurse
    Hi Everyone!
    I am a hopeful candidate for the Fall 2012 program at the Queens campus. There was a few issues with them getting one of my transcripts from my other college, so far I have completed everything else though and even completed my BCLS certification as well. The waiting is killing me though!!
    I have been trying to call my advisor since Thursday!!
  9. by   Adonai Adonai
    Hi all! Anyone going to SPSON Staten Island? Day or Evening? I went in and picked up my textbooks, uniforms and a rolly backpack yesterday. My orientation is Aug 29. I'm in the evening program. The bookstore employee told me that distribution is being done differently this year - prior years it was longer waits on lines - now they have us pick up our books/supplies up to 2 weeks prior to classes starting.
  10. by   Primadon22
    Good luck Adonai! I am on the waiting list for September, and I am praying but my guess would be January for me. That's exciting for you though! Orientation is next week for you ! How many uniforms did they supply? Also wondering if you have to use there backpack or you can use your own.
  11. by   Adonai Adonai
    Thanks @Primadon22!

    Keep your hopes up about this Fall. The school is contacting people who have not fully completed their admissions requirements and some people are choosing to defer (2 people in the evening program did this past week) -- so you definitely have a chance -- I'm praying you get in the Fall.

    To answer your questions -- we get 3 tops (navy blue with school patch affixed) and 3 bottoms (white). Labcoat will be given to us in 3rd semester. They no longer sell just patches -- so we have to purchase additional tops from the school. The rolly backpacks are not required for classes or clinicals they said. I think it's given because it'll be easier to carry all those books home and if we want to use it for class we can.

    I received my class schedule and orientation agenda today. Anyone else?
  12. by   Primadon22
    Thank you!!!That's actually good news! I have my fingers crossed! You must be so excited! megg is also on the waiting list, so hopefully she just read your post also!
  13. by   Southern_87
    Can anyone please answer this question with tomorrow being the first day of class to we have wear all white sneakers tomorrow or the shoe doesn't matter because I can never contact anyone by phone