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Hey, has anyone else received an acceptance letter for the spring 2010 semester? :D... Read More

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    Quote from Aspiring_Dr
    I have also read the reviews on this school and was very skeptical until i visited the school my self because my friend was telling me such good things about it. At first I thought it was gonna be a run down mess until i went. Well fortunately for me St.Pauls school of nursing has moved to a new location on queens Blvd that is just magnificent. i dont know if any of you has had the pleasure of visiting but i loved it they have life like dolls. The tuition is very high (41000) but you get what you pay for. The comment about them letting every one in is un true because i had to take 2 test. One test (12 mins long) was on the spot at orientation you have to get 16 questions right with in 12 minutes to see if you can pass the 2nd test (4 hours long) called the hesi exam you have to pass both before you are even given the proper paperwork to proceed. I scored high in reading and passed in math lucky me. Now i have to do a background check drug test and physical. Oh please do not lie about if you went to a college before this one or not because your financial aid says it all and they will find out and your nursing license can be pulled because being a nurse is supposed to promote honesty.if you lie about that they figure what else can you be lying about....
    Congrats I'm sure it's a good school and I was really excited when I got accepted, but the tuition was too rich for my blood and I really disliked the fact that I could not do the program accelerated. It HAS to be two years even if you've completed your prerequisites (meaning you'd have to retake them!).. I'm sure this school will work out for others it just wasn't for me.. I'm happy with the school choice I made. Whatever floats your boat I say!

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