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Hello Everyone! I registered for 5 classes this coming Spring semester at NYU College of Nursing and I wanted to ask advice to any of you if you think it's really too much?! I will be taking Chemistry, Developmental... Read More

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    Thank you, Kika. I am very excited to start. I will still be working full-time for the pre-req portion of my program and fall will be a crazy time at work so I am leaving the one easy class for Fall. I hope I have a great adviser. How is yours? Do you interact with him/her a lot? Are they helpful?

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    Hi Mauve!

    Yes, if you're working full-time then your plan is certainly wise! Unfortunately, in my opinion advisers are not the strongest point at NYU. And I'm saying this judging from my experience and those of other classmates. I'm sure some are better than others, but in general I don't feel the students are very happy with them. Mine I have to say is probably one of the worse! Not very helpful and takes forever to return my emails. But I learned to navigate the system and if I have bigger problems I go to the main advisor.

    I would love to tell you that for the money you pay you will get top notch service...but unfortunately you won't because the perfect school doesn't exist


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