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Hello Everyone! I registered for 5 classes this coming Spring semester at NYU College of Nursing and I wanted to ask advice to any of you if you think it's really too much?! I will be taking Chemistry, Developmental... Read More

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    Quote from kika72
    Hi jerrysgirl,

    I think if you work really hard and you put your mind to it anything is possible. I wanted to ask you: does micro has lab as well? Because I only have class once a week for 2.5 hours and I'm not sure if it includes lab as well.
    The way I'm thinking is: Chemistry I took it in high school and even though it's been a while since I took it, I'm very familiar with the material.
    Microbiology it's new to me, but there is also a lot of chemistry involved so that might be good to take them together. I'm also reading a study help right now, before the semester begins, to get an idea of what I will be studying.
    Developmental Psychology sounds very fascinating and having two little kids, I'm familiar with some of the topics already. Plus, if it is of any help, I just took intro to Pshych last semester and I thought it might be good to continue.
    Statistic I took it in high school and even though it was geared towards an Economics major, the principles are still the same.
    Text & Ideas is a philosophy class and when I looked through the syllabus I know a lot of the readings because of a previous Critical Thinking class I took last Spring semester. My Critical Thinking professor was obsessed with philosophy so we read an incredible amount of books and did a ton of papers!

    I know, maybe I'm just crazy and I will probably cry like a baby through the semester but I like to break it all done and convince myself that is doable! Was it really tough for you taking 4 classes?

    Thank you, I really appreciate your honesty and suggestions.

    kika, my micro class was 4 credits, 3 hours lecture on thursday and 3 hours lab on saturday. so maybe you don't have lab?

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    Quote from jerrysgirl531
    kika, my micro class was 4 credits, 3 hours lecture on thursday and 3 hours lab on saturday. so maybe you don't have lab?
    No I don't think mine has lab because the lecture is only 2.5 hours once a week for a total of 3 credits. I think NYU classes are very different and it looks like we take less pre-reqs for some reason.
    Who knows, maybe this will save me!!
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    How was your semester? I am interested in taking a few of the same courses.
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    Hi Awww!

    It was actually really hard but I did it!! I'm very happy this semester is over and overall I came out with pretty good grades considering that most of the time I had no idea what I was doing!! I basically studied every single day without a break because if I stopped I realized I would fall behind in one subject or the other.

    The toughest part was juggling my two young children, but luckily my husband has been of great help! I would not recommend this type of schedule unless you have no choice. For me it was worth it because now I only have to take 2 more classes over the summer and I can start my clinicals in the fall.

    Feel free to ask if you need any particular details about the classes and the amount of work.

    Best of luck!
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    COngrats on passing your classes and Thank you for your reply.

    I have to take statistics, nutrition, chem, and developmental psych. The ones that scare the most are chem and statistics... How were those 2 classes? And I see u took dev psych, how was that one too?
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    No problem at all!

    Statistics and dev. psych. were fine and not as tough as I was expecting. I was petrified about stats because it was basically the reason why I dropped out of college before, but luckily our prof. was really cool and easy to understand. Develop. psych. was pretty easy as well, we only had to do 2 research papers over the semester, 5 vocabulary quizzes and 4 discussion boards in regards to the developing brain.
    Chemistry and Micro are the 2 that really kept me on my toes! Chemistry was definitely the toughest one for me and I'm actually still waiting for the professor to post our final grades....fingers crossed!!If you're taking these classes in the Fall I would definitely suggest you start doing some readings ahead of time. I'm not a math person and sometimes I felt like I needed to take math 101 again, maybe because it has been a long time since I have been out of school! It would probably help to familiarize yourself with the material especially if you're taking so many classes.

    I don't know much about nutrition because I'm taking it over the summer with A&P.

    I wouldn't recommend this schedule but it is definitely doable if you're ready to sacrifice a few months of your life LOL!! I just realized that I didn't even have time to chat on this board at all!!

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    I think I will most likely split it into two semesters... 0ne with chem & dev psych... and the other with statistics and nutrition. DO you know when is the deadline to register for pre-reqs for this fall?
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    Yes, that's probably a good idea!

    If you're a NYU student already, registration started on April 26 and I think it will be going on for a while but not sure on the exact dates. Are you in the nursing program already or in the application process?

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    Hi Kika,

    I was recently accepted to NYU's program and looking to plan my prereq courses for the year. Did you end up doing well in chem? How was micro, and A&P? I am planning to take chem and micro together for spring and A&P and nutrition during the summer, then dev. psych in fall. Any pointers?
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    Hi Mauve!

    Congrats on your acceptance!! Yes, I ended up doing really well on all my pre-reqs and now I'm finishing up my first semester of clinicals. Micro, A&P and Chem were probably the toughest ones but if you study and keep up with the material is totally doable.
    If I were you I would try and take Dev. Psych with the other classes because, in my opinion that was the easiest and I wouldn't want to waste a whole semester by taking just that one class.
    Let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll be happy to help!


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