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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on my journey to acceptance... Read More

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    thats awesome! i hope to hear back by june for the day program! i've heard it can take that long to get their decision. june seems so far away =D i hope we hear back from stonybrook soon!

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    Oh man, me too. I keep checking Solar, although I know, for certain, that there's not going to be any information on there. I also just applied to Nassau, because I just feel like I don't have a good chance of getting into SBU anymore. If I had not have had to work full-time when I took my prereqs, maybe there would have been a different outcome, but at this point, I think Nassau/Suffolk are going to be my only options. Good luck!
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    try to keep positive, mindy! i know it's tough, but don't sell yourself short! i do the same thing ahaha. my boyfriend has to remind me all the time that i have a chance. we all do! i applied to molloy, suffolk, nassau and farmingdale as other options. i don't like to use the words 'second choice' because i know how lucky we are to have such wonderful nursing schools located on the island. some of them just offer different types of programs, ie associates vs bsn, accelerated vs basic, expensive vs afforable, private vs public, etc. location has a lot to do with in my case too. i live kinda in the middle of the island, so heading into nassau or out east near stonybrook or selden is going to be a hike for me either way. i've heard positive things back from farmingdale regarding my application and placement test so i'm hoping they will be an option for me =D suffolk would be wonderful to attend too! nassau actually didn't recieve my trasncripts from suffolk the THREE times i sent them and i even sent one set in the mail on my own. i've almost thrown in the towel. besides driving to the school and dropping them off in person, which is not an option for me during their business hours until spring break, which is after the supporting document deadline, i couldn't figure out what to do, so i'm sure my lack of one of my college transcripts is going to be a huge huge huge negative for me.
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    Hey doll face,Did you ever try to send it with a conformation receipt just at your post office. I've done that, you can track it and all, I think it was like dollar or just have them sign for it
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    i didn't even know i could do that! aha. but unfortunately, the materials need to be in in 3 days, so at this point i've given up. i guess nassau just was not meant to be. i'm a bit annoyed that i paid the application fee and all, but at this point with the amount of money i've spent on getting my transcripts, i'm already in the hole lol
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    CCCCAAANNN"TTTTT wait anymore aaarrgghh!!!!
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    lol I feel the same way!!! It's like my whole future is waiting on their decision....let's hurry it up
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    So, has anyone else applied for Grant Evening?
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    I got my letter on April 3rd for the Bridge at Grant. I'm so excited!
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    Congrats Boundin'! Thats so exciting When you say bridge do you mean the LPN to RN program?
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