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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on my journey to acceptance... Read More

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    Hi everyone, I been reading ur thread and just wanted to say hang in there I was in the same place u guys r last year. The letters will arrive late April n they send them in Alphabetical order. So don't stalk the mail man unil the last wk in April. good luck hope to c u guys in the fall.

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    Hi hamptonchic!!! My last name begins with an R so I guess I could be waiting until the beginning of May,huh?
    How are you finding the program? Any info would be appreciated....I am soooooo nervous never had direct patient care.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site. I am currently taking microbiology and I applied to the ammerman evening program and the grant day and my 2nd choice. So if you don't mind sharing, what are you're grades for the four classes they look at? Mine are:English APsych AA&P 1 B+A&P 2 B
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    Hi Hamptonchic, thanks for the info!

    Hi Mschultz , i'm glad you joined us. How are you doing in micro? I'm taking it this semester too. My grades are the same as yours ,I posted them earlier in the thread. Hopefully we get in
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    Hi mschultz!
    Welcome to the thread. Your grades are great!! How's micro going?I took it last semester. I am currently taking developmental psych so I only have to do the core nursing classes if I get accepted. I applied to the Ammerman Day and Grant Day as my second option. I was blessed to achieve A's in all of the 4 pre req's. Took it's toll!!!! Hopefully, we will see eachother at the orientation I believe they hold it in June.
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    Hi izziesmomma & jrosa827!I think the micro labs are interesting but the lecture is torture lol I can't wait til it's over. I work full time and I have 2 little ones at home so it really takes a toll. I hope we find out soon if we get in!! The suspense is killing me.
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    Hi all! Hope you're keeping busy and not letting the anxiety getting to you (I myself am having a hard time ahaha) I recieved As in all the pre-requisites as well, with the exception of A&P II where I got a B+! Micro was my favorite class ever! If i was planning on going back to get a second bachelor's (and not my RN) I would go back for Micro Biology!
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    Will anyone be attending the Grant evening program? I'd like to apply, but I'm holding off on submitting my application until I hear back from Stony Brook/NCC.
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    Hi Mindylane,

    I actually don't remember for sure haha but I think I applied to just the day programs at both Ammerman And Grant. it's been so long I cant remember =D the deadline for applications is past due, so I don't think they'd let you submit one for the fall start. Is the evening program the one that takes 3 years to complete, i feel like i applied so many place I cant remember which school was which anymore =D
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    It looks like you can apply to Grant Evening until June... at least that's what the website says. The evening program is three years. I just submitting the online portion of the application, but I'm holding off on sending my transcripts and application fee.

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