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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on... Read More

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    CCCCAAANNN"TTTTT wait anymore aaarrgghh!!!!
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    lol I feel the same way!!! It's like my whole future is waiting on their decision....let's hurry it up
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    So, has anyone else applied for Grant Evening?
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    I got my letter on April 3rd for the Bridge at Grant. I'm so excited!
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    Congrats Boundin'! Thats so exciting When you say bridge do you mean the LPN to RN program?
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    Yes. The cashier commented that she didn't realize they had gone out yet, so I took that to mean they must have done the LPN to RN bridge program first.
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    Yeah thats probably what that means. I applied to the 2 year RN at Ammerman so I probably have a few weeks to wait. It must be nice to not have to wait anymore congrats again!
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    Has anyone heard anything yet?
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    I was just thinking the same thing. It has to be pretty soon that we will start to hear something. When school was out last week I didn't expect anything. The suspense is killing me though.
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    I received some correspondence from Suffolk last week, which showed which courses were transferred in from another school; however, it looks like they never received the transcript that I had sent from an additional school, so I'm hoping that they're not basing my acceptance on one single transcript... It's pretty typical of Stony Brook to not send a transcript out on time... I've had this issue before, but I am comforted by the fact that Suffolk at least lets students know what's going on.

    Fortunately, I have my own supply of transcripts from SBU that I can send out myself when this happens. It's sad that I can't rely on SBU, though, to do their own job.
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    i'm sure everything will be alright, mindylane =D i had an issue sending my transcripts over to nassau, i sent them 3 times and they never recieved them, the deadline passed and they never got my suffolk transcript. nassau would be a very far commute for me and it really would not be feasible for me to go there, but i wanted options so i applied to as many schools as possible. i ended up just saying screw it haha. i ended up spending like 50 dollars just trying to send a transcript to nassau. i've heard consistently that the decisions for suffolk won't be until may/june, but i hope these are just exaggerations and we hear sooner. i completed all my pre-requesites at suffolk, so i'm considered a 'change of emphasis' student, so i luckily did not have to send any transcripts from SJC where i got my bachelor's degree, as they have them from when i first started taking classes there in 2010. one less thing to worry about
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    I also received an acceptance letter for the Grant LPN - RN Transition program starting Fall 2012. I sent in my deposit today. I don't even remember which prerequisites were the ones that count towards your GPA but my grades were:
    Psych - A
    Comm - A
    Sociology - A
    English - A
    A+P I - A
    A+P II - B+
    Micro - C+
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    Congrats on getting in the LPN-RN program!! Thats great-- you must be soooo excited!!!