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I am working crazy hours here and transportation is nearly impossible. The hours I am spending between commuting and working are crazy. Working with little to no sleep. I am one of the lucky ones because I still have heat and... Read More

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    Quote from DoGoodThenGo

    To be fair only the hard hit affected parts of NYC are having problems. I live on the UES and aside from downed tree leaves and branches you'd be hard pressed to know anything more than an average storm passed through.

    By Thursday some supermarkets and shops were running low on food but that was because of an increased demand (lots of persons staying in, had guests from displaced areas, etc...) and people coming from downtown where there was no power to shop), however saw lots of trucks making deliveries and by Friday things were back to normal.

    Power was out in Manhattan below West 27th Street and about East 29th. Know this because spoke with friends who live in Chelesa near FIT and they just beat the cutoff (West 28th Street) and had power, but one block south did not.
    So glad your UES ivory tower is keeping you safe!

    This is why people in NYC are angry. The ones just a few blocks away who never lost power or heat have no idea what it is like in the affected areas. They should take a walk around Staten Island or the Rockaways and volunteer.

    Things are bad in some areas. People are cold and hungry. And many have lost their homes.

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    Power just got back on in west orange, nj last night. It really was a mess. Hopefully having heat now will help. They didnt even have hot water!
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    my heart really does go out to everyone with out heat and hot water please try to stay warm!!
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